Germany's largest ice energy storage facility

In Lindlar, a leisure centre is being built on 24000 m². There is the largest ice energy storage system in Germany, which uses the energy of the sun and ambient air for heating and cooling – an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way of generating energy. Two Vitocal 300-G Pro units, each with 111 kilowatts and another with 150 kilowatts of thermal output will be used.

Lindar / Allendorf (Eder), Mar 1, 2019 – The decision in favour of environmentally friendly and cost-effective energy generation was made in favour of the ice energy storage system, which makes the energy from the sun and ambient air usable for heating and cooling.

While an ice energy storage system for detached and semi-detached houses consists as standard of a 10 cubic metre storage system that is sunk into the ground, individually planned and built ice storage systems are used for larger systems such as the one in Lindlar. The cylindrical reservoir of the leisure centre is seven metres high and has a diameter of 19 metres. Its storage volume is 1700 cubic meters. This makes it currently the largest ice energy storage facility in Germany.

The leisure centre is also cooled with the ice storage unit. In the course of the heating period, the heat pumps gradually extract energy from the storage tank, right up to the icing of the contents. In summer, for example, the ice energy store is available as a heat sink.

Three heat pumps

In Lindlar, two Vitocal 300-G Pro with 111 kilowatts each and another with 150 kilowatts of thermal output are used. At peak load times, they are supplemented by a Vitocrossal 300 gas condensing boiler.

Close cooperation

Metternich Haustechnik GmbH, in close cooperation with the investor DBforma GmbH, designed and installed the new energy system as part of the redevelopment of the industrial site. The technical building equipment also includes the complete SHK area as well as the ventilation system on the basis of extensive CAD execution planning.


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Image 1

View into the interior of an individually built ice energy storage unit: The cylindrical storage unit in Lindlar has a diameter of 19 meters.

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Image 2

Two of the three Vitocal 300-G Pro units installed in Lindlar.