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Our Contribution

We shape our environment for the better

As a family-run company in its fourth generation, we think and act sustainably. Sustainability is in our DNA. Our economic activities and our contributions to society are proof of this.


We think in generations

As a family-owned company, we think long-term and develop sustainable solutions. We take responsibility for our company, the big, global Viessmann family, but also for society and for generations to come.

Our Achievements

We promote environmental protection

We feel very strongly about protecting the environment: we don’t only say this, we prove it with our products. Time and again, we produce innovations that improve efficiency and sustainability and are groundbreaking for our industry.

Our Achievements
Social Involvement

We are committed to charity

Not only our foundations are involved in charitable causes, but also the company and the entrepreneurs themselves. Providing educational opportunities to children in structurally weak regions is near and dear to our hearts.

Our Social Involvement
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