Our Purpose

We create living spaces for generations to come

It all started with heat. For more than 100 years, we have been meeting this elementary need of our customers with our products. But we do much more than that.

The world around us – societies, cultures, markets – is changing at a speed never seen before, and we are changing with it. We at Viessmann are helping to shape this change. Enthusiasm for new things is in our DNA.

Since our company was founded in 1917, we have been setting standards with a keen sense of the technical and economic trends, and, time and again, have provided innovative products for the changing needs of our customers. This is why we also see the two greatest challenges of our time – the energy revolution and digital transformation – as a great opportunity.

We create the best possible quality of life worldwide

Because, through intelligent solutions, we provide a good climate and the highest level of comfort ...

  • by using the right technology to develop solutions based on high-quality and reliable components.
  • by creating solutions that seamlessly integrate with ecosystems.
  • by focusing on customers and users and taking care of their previously unfulfilled wishes.
  • by using technology to scale processes and business models.
  • by striving to make users proud when they use our solutions.

We contribute to achieving the worldwide climate protection targets

The global community is facing the chance of the century to change its energy supply in a sustainable way. As a manufacturer of energy and climate solutions, we are aware of our responsibility: the heating market offers huge potential for energy savings and for replacing fossil fuels with renewable energies. We want to harness this opportunity to actively help shape the change in our industry.

We see ourselves as a solution provider for the entire living space – inside and outside buildings. A healthy home, an emission-free city, a planet worth living on: at Viessmann, we keep these three levels in mind. We improve the quality of life in indoor spaces by ensuring the supply of hot water and electricity, a good indoor climate, and good air quality. By expanding local heating networks, energy management systems, and innovative solutions in the fields of PropTech – the digitalization of the real estate industry – and electromobility, we help to reduce CO2  emissions in metropolitan areas.  

We are consistently putting digitalization into practice

We are convinced that digitalization is indispensable for the energy revolution’s success. The rise in energy supply efficiency necessary calls for smart products and buildings. Technologies are developing rapidly, the fifth industrial revolution – the age of automation – has already begun. People, machines, and systems are increasingly networked. That is why we are driving forward digital transformation in the company in a determined and integrated manner:

  • We are digitalizing all relevant internal processes.
  • We develop digital products and services.
  • We invest in new business areas.

We always have one thing in mind: the needs of our partners. Active partnership is as important to us as the products themselves. Working with our large partner network, we guarantee seamless solutions and the very best quality.

We start with us

The foundation for Viessmann’s new strategic direction is the change in our corporate culture.  Day after day, the members of the large Viessmann family are committed to making sure that the company lives up to its reputation as an innovative and reliable partner.  Together we are also actively shaping this change.  We are taking all of our employees on the journey with us, because we know:  culture cannot be ordered from above.  Open communication, transparent action, and the sharing of knowledge are the foundations.  We create the conditions for each employee to develop new ideas of their own accord – ideas which could perhaps lead to technological milestones one day.  Continuous improvement is our goal.

Responsible, team-oriented, entrepreneurial – these are the values we base our actions on.  This not only lays the foundation for good, communicative, and productive teamwork but also for sustainable, customer-focused, and entrepreneurial action.  This is how we are safeguarding our future success – as well as creating living spaces for generations to come and preserving our planet as a place worth living for our children and grandchildren.