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Welcome to Viessmann

As we co-create living spaces for generations to com, we celebrate our contributions towards a sustainable future - as individuals, as teams and as an organization. Together, this is what aligns us as members of a large worldwide Viessmann family.

Frauke von Polier, Chief People Officer Viessmann Group:

"Our Ways of Working are a huge opportunity to actively bring the working spaces for generations to come to life at Viessmann."


Enablers for our ViWays of Working

The enablers for our ViWays of Working

The guiding principles

Since 1996, our values have remained the same. Responsible, Team-oriented, Entrepreneurial: These guiding principles are the basis of everything we do, and everything we achieve.

Leading into the future

Our leadership practices shape what leadership looks like at Viessmann looks like. They offer the guidance necessary to create a supportive workplace at all levels.

Respecting differences, whatever they may be

We understand that the way we work is influenced by a number of factors ranging from the nature of our work to the needs of an individual as well as their team. We offer different work types to respect these differences, and provide a framework for success.

Spaces that reflect our culture

Workspaces reflect our company culture: If we talk about co-creation, we must offer space for co-creation as well.

Necessary measures for sustainable success

As our teams grow more flexible and distributed, the support necessary for sustainable success has grown as well. Viessmann offers a health and vitality program to ensure our Viessmann family members have the opportunity to focus on their physical and mental health.

Better meetings, wherever they may be

Meetings should stimulate discussion, strengthen teams and drive projects forward. Communication is key, and finding the right channel is just as important as sharing your message. Our basic principle: We schedule as few meetings as possible, and as many as necessary.

Cross-functional teamwork creates value

Whether for tech or sales, or on administrative project teams: In every aspect of our work, we work on cross-functional teams to co-create living spaces to come.

Values & Etiquette

The guiding principles

Responsible, Team-oriented, Entrepreneurial: These are the three values that form the basis for all our actions, and all our achievements. We aim to empower creativity and individual responsibility across the entire Viessmann family. At Viessmann, we encourage innovation and action. To maintain the ideal work environment without compromising cooperation, we have committed ourselves to company-wide guidelines based on our family values. These guidelines help us to ensure that we work together respectfully, collaboratively and successfully.

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Work Types

Our Work Types

At Viessmann, we defined three Work Types that include on-site, remote, or hybrid models fitting with the type of work as well as needs of our family members. Independently from our Work Types we value and place emphasis on meeting in person to co-create the future.

Workplace Enthusiast

The Workplace Enthusiast returns to a fixed workstation every day. They have a specified desk or space allocated to their work, and they are on-site most days.

Hybrid Pro

The Hybrid Professional (the Hybrid Pro in short) is an expert in working both on-site and off-site. Hybrid Pros understand the benefits and limitations of hybrid work, which is why they responsibly weigh up when it makes sense to work on-site and when they should work remotely.

Digital Nomad

Digital Nomads work within their role and the company’s infrastructure to ensure a mobile workplace whenever possible. They do not have a fixed workplace reserved for them on-site. Nevertheless, they meet in-person with the team at least once per month. This work type is especially common amongst Viessmann family members who work “on the road”, or on-site with our partners and customers.


Cross-functional teamwork creates value

At Viessmann, you'll hear the phrases "co-creation" and "cross-functional teamwork" a lot. While you might call these workflows an "agile way of working", we call it "co-creation" as we believe that this is the ultimate goal of working together. Within cross-functional teams, our colleagues can bundle their expertise and knowledge while working together across their differing backgrounds to find smart solutions.

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ViWays of Working

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