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Climate Solutions

Climate solutions for a planet worth living on

Heating, cooling, ventilation

Our comprehensive range of cutting-edge heating and climate technologies sets the standards in the industry. We cover all applications: heating, cooling, ventilation, energy generation, and energy storage. In doing so, we use a wide variety of energy sources: sun, wind, geothermal energy, electricity, biomass, or even oil and gas.

Efficient and sustainable – we break new ground

The Climate Solutions business area is the economic heart of the Viessmann Group and accounts for around 85 percent of our turnover today. With our climate solutions, we help to meet the basic human need for warmth and a pleasant indoor climate in the most efficient and most comfortable way. We create living spaces that meet the highest quality standards by radically redesigning intelligent climate solutions. “We offer climate solutions that are perfectly in tune with each other, and use the appropriate energy sources to do so,” says Maximilian Viessmann.

In the development of our products and services, we focus on the efficient use of energy and support our customers in both the private and business sectors in reducing their costs and protecting resources and the environment. The focus is no longer on individual products, but on complex and integrated solutions.

We put our customers front and center. We attach great importance to the user-friendliness of our products. And we offer a one-stop shop for energy solutions. Thanks to our extensive partner network, we guarantee smooth access to our customer service and the very best quality.

Digital and connected – we create integrated solutions

Traditionally, Viessmann is a manufacturer of heating technology. We have continuously evolved over the decades and today we are a solution provider for the entire living space. Our climate solutions ensure optimum indoor temperature, hot water, electricity, and good air quality. With Viessmann’s integrated range of solutions, we seamlessly combine our products, digital services, and additional services.

Products and systems form the foundation of the Climate Solutions area. Products range from boilers for oil and gas, hybrid appliances, and solar thermal and photovoltaic systems all the way through to combined heat and power plants with a megawatt output for industrial applications. But our products do not stand alone. We also offer connectivity and platforms. The networking and upgradeability of our appliances is an essential element of our integrated range of solutions. Our product range is rounded off by a variety of digital services.

In the coming years, many clever minds will help to develop ever new solutions. In these solutions, we draw on the suggestions and ideas of our users. Our co-developers are primarily our specialist trade partners. They have already played a major role in the development and enhancement of our products.

The Climate Solutions management team

Our Climate Solutions business area with around 9000 employees has been headed by Climate Solutions CEO Thomas Heim since July 2022. Other members of the Executive Board are Chief Financial Officer Vanessa Hellwing, Chief Sales Officer Dr. Karsten Hoppe, Chief Technology Officer Dr. Markus Klausner and Chief People Officer Frauke von Polier. The CEO is responsible for strategy, communications, design and public affairs.

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