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People Development

People development at Viessmann is built upon trust and diversity

Viessmann is a global family with 14500 members. As is customary in a family, we value each member's talents and encourage their development. However, we also expect that each individual takes responsibility for their own further development. Our talent management is based on innovative and at the same time pragmatic ideas and approaches.

Digitization and the energy transition are major challenges for our industry and we aim to become leaders in both. We can only do this together with dedicated, motivated and well-trained employees. We want to take every member of the Viessmann family with us on this journey and empower everyone to help shape living spaces for coming generations. Every employee receives the support they need to continue developing independently.

Our employee development principles

The basic concept behind our talent development: good performance automatically happens when every employee can employ their skills in their ideal conditions - team tasks, support. All Viessmann family members are appreciated for their skills, qualities, and achievements.

We see talent in every employee

Our first focus is to foster all of our employees in their development. We only hire new employees from outside the company if necessary. We also offer a variety of career paths that consider the skills and potential of each individual. Just like the company itself, our development programs are designed on a sustainable and long-term basis. Our employees are therefore offered the clear perspective that they can use and contribute their strengths and skills now and in the future.

We expect everyone to take personal responsibility

Our employees are also responsible for their own development. Every member of the Viessmann family is thus encouraged to actively promote their own development. We therefore welcome when employees apply for open positions on their own accord. Managers must also see to their own development and the progress of the employees in their field. They also act as sparring partners for their team. Employees in the Personnel Development team also offer their own experience and help further advance each person, the team, and the whole organization.

We grow with our experiences and learn from them

We provide “on-the-job” and “near-the-job” practical experience by combining learning with life events. Our extensive portfolio of learning opportunities allows every Viessmann family member to find their best fit. We guarantee clear standards for knowledge and skills as well as flexible modules that build on individual strengths and development needs. Opportunities to gain international experience – for example, through global work deployments or job rotation – are also provided. Furthermore, mentoring programs ensure that every talent at Viessmann can learn from the experience and knowledge of their coworkers and thus continue to develop. 

Working together towards our shared corporate goals

At Viessmann we live "co-creation" because we believe that this is the best form of cooperation. Whether in the technical area, in sales or in other administrative project teams, we work together in cross-functional teams throughout the company in order to be successful together. This also applies when it comes to the design and development of goals: These are defined in the teams, which then also work together daily to contribute to the achievement of the goals of our Strategy 2025. We are constantly developing - through continuous feedback over the course of the year as well as mutual inspiration.

We see talent in every employee

Our focus is on supporting all of our employees in their development. We offer a variety of career paths that take into account the skills and potential of each individual. Such as our company, our development programs are sustainable and long-term. We offer our employees a clear perspective for how they can contribute with their strengths and skills today and in the future.

Our claim: We question the status quo and keep growing!

We have set ourselves the goal of becoming independent of fossil fuels and firmly anchored it in our Strategy 2025 – long before the current urgency. Our Accelerated Active Transition (AAT), i.e. the acceleration of our activities to convert our products to renewable energy sources, takes our commitment to a new level. This also applies to the skills of our employees. The energy transition requires skills that are sometimes not covered by the content of existing training. Topics such as talent development and competence management are all the more important to us. With our offers for personal development, we support our employees in their personal professional growth and on their individual career path - regardless of their profession or field.

Whenever possible, Viessmann offers the option of mobile working and provides the appropriate technical equipment. Our flexible working hours enable our employees to balance work and private life.

The Women’s Influence Network WIN

The Women’s Influence Network WIN is Viessmann’s first network for women. It’s mission is to positively influence a cultural transformation in the Viessmann Group, promote the sharing of experiences on a global level, and support the personal and professional development of women. What began as a women’s network has progressively evolved into a global network for all members of the large Viessmann family. More than 130 women and men in twelve countries have joined the network since it was established. WIN is thus the first global network at Viessmann. The members of WIN believe that diversity makes each team and every single member more creative and successful, and that versatile teams produce much more valuable results that benefit the Viessmann Group.

Since the network was founded by women in a male-dominated sector, two of the most important goals are still the equality and advancement of women. Yet diversity means so much more. People of all ethnic backgrounds, religions, and worldviews, people with and without disabilities, people with and without children, the young and old, persons with different sexual orientations, both women and men, are represented and welcome in the network. All WIN’s activities and initiatives seek to incorporate the concerns of the entire Viessmann family, both within and beyond Germany.

The network’s work is also multifaceted. Network meetings are held on a regular basis, and there are also events featuring guest speakers, an online community, and a mentoring program. Employees can also easily access information from the WIN network via the in-house app Vi2Go. In addition to members sharing experiences, the network initiates and supports a number of events, workshops, and projects, such as the organization of childcare during vacation times but also the social campaign project “women master in men job”.