Company Management

Management Teams Viessmann Generations Group

Personal responsibility is one of our management principles at Viessmann. We expect our managers to lead by example. Our purpose is to create living spaces for generations to come.

Family Holding

Laying the foundation for generations to come

In the 103rd year of our company’s history, we repositioned ourselves with the Viessmann Family Holding and laid the foundation for generations to come. In this way, we are ensuring the company’s independence for the long term and the active involvement of the owner family over generations. The holding is managed by the Board of Directors.

Executive Members of the Board of Directors

Operationally, the Family Holding is managed by the Executive Board. Maximilian Viessmann is represented on the Board as a member of the owner family. Chief Financial Officer Dr. Ulrich Hüllmann and Chief People Officer Frauke von Polier complete the management team.

Maximilian Viessmann

President and Chief Executive Officer

In 2018, Professor Martin Viessmann’s son Maximilian took over the management of the company as Co-CEO, together with Joachim Janssen. The industrial engineer and management consultant has been active in the company since 2015 and has been the sole CEO of the Viessmann Generations Group since July 2022. Since the global partnership of Viessmann Climate Solutions and Carrier Global, he has also been a member of the Board of Directors of the ​​leading global provider of intelligent climate and energy solutions with headquarters in the US. Both privately and professionally, he feels fulfilled by making a contribution for generations to come. Through the values “responsible”, “team-oriented”, and “entrepreneurial”, the family-owned company expresses how it puts people front and center and continually invests in the development and the diversity of the members of the large Viessmann family.

Frauke von Polier

Chief People Officer

Since 2022, Frauke has taken on the role of Group CPO and, together with Max, drives all activities related to talent development, leadership and organization across the Group. She has been a strong advocate for dynamic HR processes at industry leaders such as SAP and Zalando – and is passionately committed to startup founders from the HR tech sector. In life as in her job, she is guided by the motto that "success and failure are the same thing if your life is about who you are becoming". This is exactly the culture she wants to establish at the group level as well. She loves to spend her free time with family and friends.

Boris Scukanec Hopinski

Chief Operating Officer

As COO of the Viessmann Generations Group since 2024, Boris has been driving operational excellence on the one hand and reinvesting the family company’s proceeds on the other. With almost 20 years of experience in the financial sector – on the investment banking side at Goldman Sachs and in top leadership positions at UniCredit – he combines comprehensive financial, strategic and operational expertise. In addition to his love for his family, he is passionate about sports and brass band music.

Non-Executive Members of the Board of Directors

The entrepreneurial personalities in the Board of Directors actively support the Executive Board with advice and ideas, oversee its work, and ensure high standards of corporate governance and  corporate responsibility.

The Board of Directors consists of the following non-executive members:

  • Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Rödder (Deputy Chairman)
  • Madeleine Jahr
  • Dr. Albert Christmann  
  • Dr. Dieter Heuskel