How we live and implement sustainability

This is what sustainability means to us

Our approach to sustainability is manifested in our purpose: We co-create living spaces for generations to come. Among the many definitions, we orient towards the definition of sustainability as the possibility that all people and all life on earth can flourish forever.

Sustainability Strategy

Since 2021, we have had a global climate strategy, but this was just a good start. While curbing climate change is one of the key levers for a sustainable future, we knew we must look beyond climate. This is why we have been working on a holistic sustainability strategy for the whole Viessmann Group. We did so using one of the most robust, science-based tools: the Future-Fit Business Benchmark. Future-Fit Business Benchmark takes the Doughnut Model and the Sustainable Development Goals and breaks them down into concrete indicators for a company. As a result a clear, long term destination towards a social and environmental break-even point is provided. Reaching this break-even point will mean that any of our potential negative impacts associated with what we buy, what we sell, and what we do are eliminated and we will create only positive impacts on people and planet. With our sustainability strategy we set ourselves a first clear milestone on the path towards becoming fully sustainable - in other words - a Future-Fit business. We hope to inspire others with our sustainability strategy, which we published in our Sustainability Report.


Sustainablility Report 2023

Within our 2023 Viessmann Sustainablility Report, we publish our science-based sustainability strategy towards becoming a net zero, circular business with a zero harm supply chain.

Read the complete report (pdf 8 MB)

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the global compass to combat all interconnected social and environmental challenges. Launched in 2015, the SDGs provide an inspiring framework for collective action of governments, business and individuals.

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Brand claim "for our climate"

Our brand stands for climate – the topic that has united us at Viessmann for generations. The claim emphasizes our strategic response to climate change.

Climate Strategy

Our climate strategy

With our 2021 climate strategy "LEAP to Net Zero", we set ourselves a clear plan of action with 1.5° science-based targets for our own operations, supply chain and product portfolio. The most recent update of the strategy is found in the net zero chapter in our 2023 Sustainability Report.

Learn more about our climate strategy
Policy Statement

Our policy statement on the offsetting of emissions and reforestation

Our recently published policy statement summarizes our position on the offsetting of emissions and reforestation. It reflects what we do with our forests.

Learn more about our policy statement (pdf 1 MB)

Details on other selected aspects of our  sustainability strategy are listed in the following.

Mission Zero

Mission Zero

Our Mission Zero is a non-profit association that aims to make the Waldeck-Frankenberg district around Viessmann’s headquarters climate neutral.

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Maschinenraum unites the power of German Mittelstand and family-owned businesses to build sustainable solutions for the future. It does so by building an open peer-to-peer environment for long-term collaborations and innovation for sustainability, among other topics.

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Social Sustainability

Social Sustainability

The most recent update on how we approach social sustainability is found in our 2023 Sustainability Report. Further, a brief overview on the state of social sustainability topics at Viessmann is provided here.

Learn more about social sustainability at Viessmann

Commitments, Certificates and Downloads

At Viessmann we adhere to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights as well as the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. Further, we are a member of the United Nations Global Compact.

While our Viessmann sustainability strategy accelerates our transformation to a fully sustainable company, our well established and robust management system ensures our precautionary approach, employee’s focus on environmental topics as well as continuous improvement of our environmental performance. Download our standards here:

Viessmann Sustainability Report 2023

Download here (pdf 8 MB)

EcoVadis Rating

Science Based Targets Certificate

Download here (pdf 122 KB)

Viessmann Code of Conduct

Learn more here

Viessmann Supplier Code of Conduct

Learn more here (pdf 236 KB)

Viessmann Policy Statement on Human Rights and Environment

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Further documents attest our commitments and the responsibilities we take as an employer and business partner. One of them is our latest progress report on Viessmann’s contribution to fulfill the 10 principles of the  UN Global Compact.