Viessmann Group

We tap into growth potential

Our investments grow with us

We make targeted investments to strengthen the Viessmann ecosystem and maximize the impact of our purpose together with exceptional entrepreneurs. We offer our portfolio companies the opportunity to grow with us by deploying family equity and capabilities.    

Our Viessmann Group focus area offers a professional framework in which to grow together. We support our portfolio companies actively, and build them up in a targeted way by using Viessmann’s expertise.  

Viessmann Group has been active since 2019 and was initially named Viessmann Investment. The investment team of Viessmann Group is led by Managing Director Timo Tauber.  

Timo Tauber, Investment Partner & Managing Director

In addition to the Viessmann Group's investment team, led by Timo Tauber, our operating partners drive the value creation of the portfolio companies and platforms.

Viessmann Group portfolio

With our value-oriented approach providing an enterprise for entrepreneurs, we are currently accelerating the growth of around 30 medium-sized companies and family businesses. In addition to a one-by-one value creation approach, we invest into topic-related platforms such as district heating & cooling and consequently also create value within each of our platforms and across the platforms.

PEWO Energietechnik is a family-owned and -operated specialist company for heat transfer stations used in local and district heating, which is based in Elsterheide near Dresden. PEWO develops and manufactures system solutions for apartments, cities, hotels, clinics, swimming pools, and industry throughout Europe and beyond. In partnership with its subsidiary MB-Brassen, also a leading German provider of district heating solutions, PEWO is strengthening its market presence, especially in the Rhine-Main and Rhine-Neckar regions.

Founded in 1988, ELEKTROTERMEX ("ETX") today is not only a manufacturer of compact substations and thermal insulation of overhead pipelines. The offer also includes the production of container boiler rooms, the construction of industrial installations, and the provision of service and monitoring services. Over the course of 36 years, ETX has produced 19,000 substations and built over 100 km of heating networks and more than 40 km of thermal insulation.

Amarc DHS designs and manufactures more than 300 models of standard district heating substations from 10 to 6,000 kW and cooling substations from 50 to 2,500 kW including options and accessories with one of the most complete range in Europe. The company is headquartered near Milano, Italy.

Genaq’s mission is to provide access to quality drinking water, at low cost, in a sustainable way and in situations without access to water. Genaq creates water from air. Since 2008 the company designs and manufactures Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG), an innovative solution that replicates the natural process of rain to provide access to quality drinking water and drastically reduces plastic consumption. GENAQ is part of the Spanish KEYTER INTARCON Group and was established as an independent company with its own brand in 2017.

Bitpool’s vision is to change the way buildings are managed. Founded in Brisbane, Australia, in 2020, the company enables property owners and managers to plan for future renewable and net zero goals by providing them with meaningful insights into their hard-to-access building data. Bitpool provides clarity and control across the full scope of building performance metrics and offers unparalleled, AI-driven actionable building insights.

Founded in 1959, Priva Group is a technology company that develops and produces innovative solutions for sustainable climate control and process management in horticulture, buildings and greenhouse cultivation. The head office is located in De Lier in the Netherlands.

As a leading international manufacturer of energy efficient cold and clean rooms, we offer our customers – from HoReCa customers to life science and pharma sectors – a comprehensive range of products and services for highly efficient solutions.