Company Structure

Ready for the future: the Viessmann Family Holding

We think in generations, not quarters. To ensure Viessmann has a lasting impact, we are setting the course for the future and optimizing our corporate structure in the 103rd year of our existence.

In January 2024, our largest business area Climate Solutions was combined with Carrier, thereby co-creating a new global champion in intelligent climate and energy solutions.

The Viessmann Family Holding is divided into two business and two diversification areas. We are socially committed through three foundations.

The Two Business Areas

The Family Holding forms the framework for the activities of our family business. The business area Viessmann Clean & Cool Solutions is mainly focused on organic growth, whereas the area Viessmann   Investment is aimed at enabling inorganic growth. The purpose of the VC/O and Real Estate diversification business units is to diversify risk and complete our portfolio. Assuming social and societal responsibility – this is the goal that Viessmann is dedicated to with its foundation activities for science, culture, education and social welfare.

Business Area Viessmann Clean & Cool Solutions

As a leading international manufacturer of energy efficient cold and clean rooms, we offer our customers – from HoReCa customers to life science and pharma sectors – a comprehensive range of products and services for highly efficient solutions.

Business Area Viessmann Investment

Our strategic investments and acquisitions aren’t just meant to branch into new markets and regions for our core business. The expansion of the range of offers reflects our aspiration to be a solution provider for the entire living space. Our Viessmann Investment business area considers itself as a "company for entrepreneurs". In concrete terms, this means the sustainable, partnership-based further development of portfolio companies with considerable entrepreneurial freedom.

The two diversification business units

Besides our three operational business areas, we also have two diversification business units to guarantee balanced risk diversification and ensure our financial independence. These two units are intended to create long-term prospects for our holding and help facilitate economic sustainability in Central Europe.

Diversification Business Area VC/O 

Our digital unit VC/O focuses on digital transformation, new fields of business, and smart living and brings technology into people’s living spaces – all tailored precisely to their needs. We invest in deep tech and prop tech start-ups and create digital innovations with our Company Builder WATTx. Our newly created Maschinenraum is designed to promote the sharing of knowledge: medium-sized companies can learn from each other here and benefit from Viessmann’s past experiences.

Diversification Business Area Real Estate  

We create living and working spaces for generations to come. This also includes the Viessmann Group’s buildings and properties that we develop and manage. We place the same high demands on the quality and design of our buildings as we do on the sustainability and energy efficiency of our products and solutions. Viessmann Real Estate ensures a balanced real estate portfolio with the long-term strategy in mind. Our many years of expertise also help us develop real estate for third parties and thereby generate additional business.

Viessmann Foundations Activities

As a family-operated company, we are aware of our corporate social responsibility. We promote education and give people the opportunity to grow. Our social engagement efforts also focus on co-creation in the areas of living spaces, future generations, and culture. Within the scope of restructuring, we are expanding our foundation activities with extraordinary commitment.