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What the partnership with Carrier means for Viessmann customers

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Apr 28, 2023

The announcement of the partnership between Viessmann Climate Solutions and Carrier can leave many owners of Viessmann solutions with questions – from the background to the impact of the cooperation. In this article, we have compiled answers for the most frequently asked questions from customers.

By combining Viessmann Climate Solutions and Carrier, we are co-creating one of the leading climate solutions companies in the world.

In this merger, the traditional Viessmann brand will continue unchanged.

The respective contact persons at Viessmann will also continue to be responsible.

Partners and customers of Viessmann Climate Solutions will benefit significantly from this new partnership:

  1. The product offering will expand: Viessmann Climate Solutions' integrated premium offering will be complemented by electrified products and services from Carrier and its sub-brands, e.g. cooling and ventilation solutions, commercial heat pumps, air-to-air heat pumps, air conditioners as well as digital and value-added services. This partnership will significantly expand the product range that Viessmann Climate Solutions will offer in the medium and long term.

  2. Viessmann Climate Solutions gains better access to suppliers through Carrier's global network. This means that we can assure our partners and customers of shorter delivery times in the medium term. Products can be delivered and installed faster and waiting times will be significantly shorter. As the time between completion and installation is significantly reduced we can thus also contribute to the decarbonization of the entire building stock much faster.
    The partnership with Carrier aims to significantly drive the heating transition in Germany and worldwide, in particular through increased capacity.

The headquarters of Viessmann Climate Solutions will remain in Allendorf (Eder), Germany. German production will also remain. The heat pumps will continue to be produced in Europe for Europe. The present Executive Board and the management team of Viessmann Climate Solutions, led by CEO Thomas Heim, will continue to manage the business, thus ensuring continuity. At the same time, the integrated premium offering of Viessmann Climate Solutions will be further complemented by products and services from Carrier. This will significantly expand the product offering.

The Viessmann Group remains an independent family company fully owned by the entrepreneurial Viessmann family. The transaction is a partial sale of the business unit Climate Solutions. All other activities and business areas of the Viessmann Group are not affected by the merger of the Climate Solution business unit with Carrier.

The Viessmann family will continue its entrepreneurial activities. The aim is to take the mission statement "Designing living spaces for future generations" into account even more strongly and beyond the Climate Solution business. Its focus is on activities for COavoidance, CO2 reduction and CO2 capturing. It will continue to expand these.

In the first place, nothing will change: The contact persons for our installation and trade partners as well as for customers will remain the same – they will continue to be available to our partners and customers in the usual quality.

The partnership also does not change the validity of existing contracts and has no effect on current delivery processes. Already existing and partially delivered orders will continue to be shipped and new orders can be placed as usual.

Of course, we will continue to fulfill our warranty promises and ensure the unchanged supply of spare parts.

In addition, the contact persons for our installation and trade partners will remain the same – they will continue to be available to our partners in the usual quality.

Carrier expects significant growth in Europe for climate solutions in the residential and commercial segments. Upon completion of the transaction, Viessmann Climate Solutions will become a key driver of Carrier's growth strategy in Europe. This means the German, Austrian and Swiss markets are more relevant than ever.

The partnership with Carrier does not change the validity of existing contracts and has no impact on current delivery processes, warranty and service. Placed orders and partially delivered orders will continue to be shipped as normal, new orders can be placed as usual.

There are no plans to export European heat pumps to the USA. The heat pumps are produced in Europe for Europe. Thanks to the partnership with Carrier, we will be able to increase our production capacities for heat pumps and thus significantly drive the global heating transition in Germany and worldwide. We will be able to produce more and faster and thus be able to deliver better and faster.

No, quite the opposite: Viessmann will, among other things, be much more committed to solutions, products and services related to climate protection and CO2 reduction, CO2 capturing and removal, and CO2 optimization. The quality standard for our premium products remains high – and Carrier stands behind this promise.

The global energy transition can only be successfully mastered if companies think, act and collaborate globally. By joining forces with Carrier, we are taking our contribution to decarbonizing the building sector to the next level: with greater relevance and reach on a global scale.

The partnership with Carrier aims to deliver better and faster, in particular through increased production capacities for heat pumps, thereby significantly advancing the heat transition in Germany. In addition, the international partnership will lead to a larger portfolio of solutions for our customers.

The bottom line is: The 10700 family members of Viessmann Climate Solutions will be further strengthened as enablers through the partnership with Carrier, enabling them to make an even greater and faster contribution to the success of the energy transition in buildings in Germany and Europe.

The combination of Viessmann Climate Solutions SE with Carrier Global Corporation has no effect on the previous data protection commitments in the respective privacy statements. In particular, there will be no transfer of potential prospect, customer or user data to future affiliated companies or the parent company in the USA or other, also European countries - without prior data protection checks and fulfillment of all necessary legal requirements for this. The measures required for this include, depending on the purposes and recipients, corresponding contracts for mere inspection / data transfer / processing by/to/in EU-US or third countries as well as companies located within the EU, a corresponding fulfillment of information obligations and, last but not least, the fulfillment of further rights for data subjects as stipulated by the European legislator.

More information about the partnership can be found in our press release.

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