What the partnership with Carrier means for Viessmann customers

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

The image shows the Viessmann and Carrier logos side by side

The announcement of the partnership between Viessmann Climate Solutions and Carrier can leave many owners of Viessmann solutions with questions – from the background to the impact of the cooperation. In this article, we have compiled answers for the most frequently asked questions from customers.

FAQ for our customers

1. Why is Viessmann merging its Climate Solutions business area with a US company?

2. Will Viessmann products then be "made in USA"?

3. Is Viessmann no longer a family business?

4. What will change for installation partners and customers?

5. How are the supply of spare parts and service for customers ensured?

6. What role will Germany, Austria and Switzerland play for Carrier in the future?

7. What happens to existing maintenance or supply contracts that customers have signed with Viessmann?

8. How will the sale affect the security of supply or the ability to deliver? Is there a risk that heat pumps will be preferentially supplied to the USA from now on?

9. Will the partial sale of Viessmann Climate Solutions have an impact on the company's ability to maintain its reputation for quality and excellence?

10. How does the partnership help with the energy transition?

11. How is data protection regulated in the future?

More information about the partnership can be found in our press release.