Intarcon and Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions build new strategic partnership

Cooperation drives forward joint vision of sustainable refrigeration solutions

José María Raya Portero, General Manager Intarcon, (right) and Frank Winters, CEO Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions, (left) sealing the new partnership at EuroShop 2023.

Düsseldorf, Mar 2, 2023 – Intarcon and Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions have announced a new strategic partnership at the world's leading retail trade show EuroShop 2023. Intarcon is a joint business initiative for refrigeration equipment manufacturing from Keyter

Technologies, based in Lucena, Spain. Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions is part of the Viessmann Group, headquartered in Allendorf (Eder), Germany. The collaboration aims to advance the provision of sustainable refrigeration systems as part of cold room solutions.

In this context, the solutions of both companies complement each other ideally with regard to growing market coverage and customer reach in providing complete cold room solutions for food service and food retail customers. The new refrigeration units that arise from the cooperation will be manufactured for and represented by Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions' sales companies in Europe.

The two companies are united by the common mission and vision of developing innovative and high-quality solutions for reliable, efficient and sustainable refrigeration systems. In addition, both Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions and Intarcon have a global orientation and focus on promoting customer loyalty with high product quality.

José María Raya Portero, General Manager Intarcon"With our experience and manufacturing capabilities, we support Viessmann in providing solutions based on natural refrigerants. Combined with Viessmann's energy-efficient cold rooms, the cooperation enables us to make both brands the first choice for our customers, partners and employees in the national and international market."

Frank Winters, CEO Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions"The partnership enables both companies to increase the reach of the solutions and exploit synergies in the further development of the products. As a result, together we can create a safe environment for sensitive goods and operations and preserve our planet."

Intarcon's solutions portfolio includes a wide range of high-end products for commercial and industrial refrigeration applications. Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of refrigeration and cleanroom system solutions - including refrigerated cabinets and cold storage and freezer rooms.

Both companies use sustainable and natural refrigerant based solutions and can therefore seamlessly benefit from and interact with each other’s product ranges, which they currently present at EuroShop 2023.

About Intarcon

Intarcon is the leading Spanish manufacturer of commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Lucena, in the south of Spain, the company employs around 300 people and its annual revenue exceeds 35 million euros (2022).

Intarcon is well-known for its focus on energy efficiency and green technologies based on technological innovation and environmental protection. The company is well-established in the Spanish market. With a growing international market share, Intarcon aims to become a global leader in the use of natural refrigerants. Refrigeration solutions from Intarcon are manufactured in high end production facilities in Spain and marketed throughout Europe, America, Africa and Middle East.

About Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions

The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating, industrial, and refrigeration solutions. This family enterprise was founded in 1917, has 14,500 employees, and the group’s turnover amounts to €4 billion.

Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions is one of the leading European manufacturers of commercial refrigeration and clean room solutions, renowned for their energy efficiency, sustainability, ease of use and maintenance.

Viessmann’s refrigeration product and service portfolio includes refrigerated cabinets, refrigeration systems, cold and clean room solutions, accessories and related services. Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions employs nearly 1700 professionals in Europe. The products are manufactured at Viessmann factories in Germany and Finland and are represented by local sales offices in 20 countries, backed up by an extensive network of partner companies.

Press contact Intarcon:
Eloísa García Velázquez
Head of communication
T: +34 957 50 92 93

Press contact Viessmann:
Byung-Hun Park
Vice President Corporate Communications
T: +49151-64911317


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José María Raya Portero, General Manager Intarcon, (right) and Frank Winters, CEO Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions, (left) sealing the new partnership at EuroShop 2023.