Energy Management

We systematically increase energy efficiency

Energy management and energy policy play key roles at the Viessmann Group. Thanks to our energy management system (EnMS), we’ve created an organizational structure that lets us systematically improve energy efficiency, energy use, and energy consumption.

The Viessmann Group has met the requirements of the ISO 50001 standard at all European locations since 2015. This establishes the standardized content of the EnMS, which, among others, includes developing an efficient energy policy in the company, taking necessary measures to improve performance, and reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.

Our energy management system for optimization

We continually review which opportunities for improvement can be utilized in ongoing production. We look at such relevant variables as energy consumption and the supply of self-generated energy into the grid.

The energy management system is visualized on an energy cockpit with flow diagrams. Counting stations set up in the pipeline network provide information about current consumption and about the amount of energy produced in-house or used through heat recovery measures.

We collect relevant data

Material flow diagrams provide a clear overview of where a particularly large amount of energy is used and where the highest costs or emissions occur.

We conduct detailed analyses

An important prerequisite for optimizing the energy demand is the systematic development and presentation of energy and material flows in the company. That’s why we conduct a detailed material flow analysis for this. It acts as the basis for understanding the individual processes and procedures in the overall system. Load profile analyses broaden the obtained findings using statistical measurements and processes.

The analyses are aimed at defining measures and processes in a structured manner so that we can reduce energy consumption and thus also costs and emissions.

Load curve analysis for optimization of the energy demand
Material diagram for optimization of the energy demand

We identify future potential

The assessment of potential is yet another step. It involves us examining the potential offered by a Viessmann Group production location for a sustainable energy concept. At this point, we can see where potential – in addition to necessary investments – can be leveraged all without having to spend money. Energy costs can be reduced by up to ten percent annually, for example, by optimizing control systems, defining and monitoring shutdown processes, or decreasing pressure.

Energy policy based on our values

Our energy policy is based on the Viessmann company principles and specifies that all Viessmann Group employees observe the following operational principles.

Energy targets

This energy policy is the Viessmann Group’s commitment to further reducing energy consumption and thus carbon emissions. It is based on strategic energy targets. Top management at the respective Group company sets these targets annually and keeps them in harmony with the overarching goals of the corporate group. Weather-adjusted or production-adjusted consumption data for the past period and the economic viability of the respective decisions from a sustainability standpoint are used as the basis for setting targets.

Energy performance

We continually strive to improve our energy performance. Compliance to legally defined requirements is our status quo here.


Energy-relevant decisions are made from a sustainability point of view. We use life cycle assessments wherever appropriate.


The cooperation of all employees is necessary for the implementation of the energy policy. The Group company employees are fully informed, trained in energy-related issues, and integrated into the energy management program.


Our energy targets apply equally to all company business areas, all activities, and procedures. All resources and information necessary to implement the energy policy and to achieve the strategic and operational goals are provided by the Viessmann Group’s executive management body.


We regularly inform the public about the Viessmann Group’s energy aspects, energy consumption, and energy management program.


We define the Viessmann Group’s emissions targets in relation to the energy goals. Emissions are always reduced by increasing energy efficiency and steadily increasing the share of renewable energies.

Energy monitoring

We continuously measure and monitor the energy consumption of the Group companies. We regularly record, review, and communicate key energy aspects.


Top management at the Viessmann Group regularly monitors and assesses compliance with the energy policy.