The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Many of the global sustainability challenges and calls for action are described in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Launched in 2015, the SDGs provide an inspiring framework for collective action. All of the goals are connected and Viessmann will use them as a compass to mobilize change.

Sustainable Development Goals

Using the science-based Future-Fit Business Benchmark in defining a holistic sustainability strategy for the whole Viessmann Group has enabled us to look at our current business models through an Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) lens and as a result generate a clear perspective on how we are impacting the SDGs today and how we maximize our contribution to reaching the SDGs by 2030. The SDGs guide us as we develop the Viessmann business, set ambitions, and engage with our partners. Being globally off track in reaching the SDGs – through exceeding planetary boundaries and shortcomings on achievement of the social foundation – a rapid, active transition towards business models with only positive impacts on people and planet is needed – and this is exactly what we do at Viessmann.

United Nations Global Week

We recently participated in the United Nations Global Week to 'ACT4SDGs' to mobilize millions to take critical action on the Sustainable Development Goals.  Learn more about the campaign