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Vitoconnect: Connectivity for wall-mounted and floorstanding heat generators

More and more devices at home are connected with each other. And what applies to lighting, roller shutters and the fridge naturally also applies to heating. With the Vitoconnect box, Viessmann offers the ideal device to benefit from all the advantages of interconnected technology.

Mar 6, 2019 – Control your heating system with ease using your smartphone, in doing so saving valuable energy safe in the knowledge that a heating system specialist always has a watchful eye on your system – Vitoconnect makes all this possible. It connects Viessmann heat generators to the Internet, thereby giving you the convenience of remote control using the ViCare app and online monitoring by authorized specialized installers via our digital service center, Vitoguide. The new Vitoconnect box in the unit’s modern housing will also make it possible to control the temperature of individual rooms in future.

Connect wireless components for single-room control

The new Vitoconnect can do everything an Internet interface can: it connects the heating system to the building’s router via WLAN and networks with the Viessmann server. In addition, it now includes the ability to connect with wireless components (using ZigBee protocol specifications) such as ViCare radiator thermostats, climate sensors and floor thermostats in future. Viessmann is therefore launching a sustainable, own-brand single-room control solution for use with both new and existing devices.

Easy to install – even for users

Just one cable connects Vitoconnect to the heat generator’s control unit, while the box is supplied by a single power adapter. The system is ready to use within just a few minutes and is compatible with both iPhones and Android smartphones. As the unit is so easy to install and commission, specialist partners can decide whether to include this as part of their service or to leave this task to the user.

For new builds and upgrades

Almost all Viessmann oil and gas-fired boilers up to 60 kW installed since 2004 can be connected to the Internet using Vitoconnect. The starting year for heat pumps is 2010; for solid fuel boilers, 2016. This means that remote maintenance and control functionalities are not just limited to new devices – existing systems can also be retrofitted to use them. The Vitodens gas condensing boilers in the new 300 series and the Vitovalor PT2 and PA2 fuel cell heating devices do not require Vitoconnect, as the full functionality of the box is already integrated in these devices’ new electronic platform.

Save energy and ensure optimal operation

Thanks to Vitoconnect and the free ViCare app, system operators have complete control over their system – anytime, anywhere. This means that users can:

  • configure target temperatures for heat generators and set individual temperatures,
  • enter individual time programs for heating and DHW generation,
  • gain a concise overview of the heating system’s current operating status,
  • receive push notifications in the event of a fault, and
  • store the installer’s email address in the app, allowing them to receive all notifications immediately and provide the best possible service.

Thanks to a range of time programs and express options – such as “Economy Mode” and “Comfort Mode” – users can adjust their heating system to suit their individual requirements with just a few taps on their tablet or smartphone. This results in both significantly lower heating costs and added convenience within your own four walls.

Maximum security

Furthermore, Vitoconnect and the ViCare app allow users to check that their heating system is operating properly at all times. A clear, color-coded display moving from green to yellow to red shows the user at all times whether maintenance is needed or if there are any faults in the system.

Once authorized by the customer, the digital Vitoguide service center provides the specialist installer with access to key system data at all times – allowing them to identify potential faults ahead of time. This allows them to adjust settings from their computer – without having to be on-site – and plan maintenance visits in advance.

A further advantage is that Viessmann is extending the warranty of all new heat generators connected to Vitoconnect from two to five years.

The information and data security of the Vitoconnect Box has been certified by the German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (VDE).

Advantages for trade partners

  • Can be used with new and existing heating systems
  • Easy plug-and-play installation
  • Contact data can be stored (ViCare)
  • Fault analysis, replacement part identification and online ordering (Vitoguide)

Advantages for users

  • Convenient thanks to intuitive control through the ViCare app
  • Save costs by making it easy to adjust heating systems to suit individual requirements
  • Keep an eye on the system status at all times
  • Direct contact to the specialist company when required
  • Guarantee extension from 2 to 5 years for all new heat generators

Delivery date

The new Vitoconnect interface will be available in Germany from April 2019 and in the export markets from August 2019.


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Existing systems can also be quickly and easily retrofitted with Vitoconnect and operated with ViCare.

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Thanks to additional radio, the new Vitoconnect in the modern Viessmann design will enable the connection of further components for individual room control via smartphone.