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Easier and faster commissioning, maintenance, service and monitoring of energy systems

Viessmann One Base seamlessly connects Viessmann products and systems with apps, service tools and smart home solutions | Guided spare parts exchange: a new dimension of maintenance and service | Prevent unnecessary on-site service

One Base connects Viessmann products and systems with apps, services and smart home solutions.

Allendorf (Eder),  Apr 4, 2022 – Supplying heat and power to our buildings is becoming an increasingly complex endeavor. The accelerated shift away from fossil gas and oil to renewable energy, as well as the desire of many homeowners to become less dependent on the public power supply, makes it necessary to find comprehensive system solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation and power supply. All of this also increases the demands being placed on the industry. The innovative Viessmann One Base supports partners from the trade by making it easier to commission, maintain, service and monitor energy systems while also reducing the time required for such activities.

Viessmann One Base networks the products and systems of the Viessmann Integrated Solution Offering portfolio and seamlessly links them with digital services such as the ViCare app and the ViGuide service tool. On this basis it is possible to create comprehensive and standardized climate and energy solutions using devices such as the Vitocal heat pump, Vitoair ventilation system, Vitovolt photovoltaic modules and Vitocharge electricity storage system. This shows that the family business is taking another crucial step in line with its corporate mission statement: We create living spaces for generations to come.

All of these components work together optimally thanks to integrated Viessmann Energy Management. Specialist partners save a lot of time in this way, while their customers are also able to enjoy maximum convenience and energy efficiency as well as reliable systems.  

Sustainable and easy to expand

A sustainable system grows with the needs of its users. That’s why Viessmann One Base makes it easy to add additional components to an existing system, whether by retrofitting a Vitoair ventilation system, a photovoltaic system with a Vitocharge electricity storage system or a wallbox for e-mobility. Smart home systems and building management systems from other providers can also be easily integrated, and voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant can be effortlessly incorporated into the control system.  

Time savings through menu-guided commissioning and digital documentation

Seamless integration of Viessmann system components using the ViGuide digital service tool (formerly Vitoguide) enables menu-guided commissioning. This allows the task to be completed much faster than ever before, greatly reducing the amount of time spent by the specialist partner. ViGuide automatically synchronizes the system parameters at the same time, making it possible to fine-tune the system and adjust the parameters remotely at any time if later required. A device self-test confirms that all installed components are working properly at the end of commissioning. A handover certificate is generated for documentation purposes, and a digital project file is created. This means the system can adapt quickly to changed conditions after an update, such as after an expansion with an electricity storage system.

A new dimension of maintenance and service

ViGuide features, like guided spare parts replacement, make it possible to resolve problems on-site much more quickly, improving customer service. The previous device state can be restored again following a guided replacement of spare parts simply by using the backup and restore function. Uniform sensors also help to simplify maintenance.

Viessmann One Base and ViGuide make a significant contribution to reducing the number of on-site service calls. Whether from a desktop in the office or on a mobile basis using an app, the specialist company can always use remote monitoring to get an overview of the systems it is supporting. Remote monitoring allows it to check information ranging from the details of the system installation to important system settings to status messages on the event log. The error codes are identical for all components. The specialist partner can therefore detect any faults at an early stage and rectify them online in many cases. During troubleshooting, Viessmann’s Technical Service department can provide support on a quick and uncomplicated basis by viewing the data for the respective system. This saves the specialist installer valuable time and avoids unnecessary travel to the customer site. However, if on-site service is necessary and there is no Internet connection on-site, a smart phone or tablet can still be used to set and optimize parameters using the WLAN (Connectivity Inside) integrated in the devices.  

Benefits for trade partners

  • Just one app (ViGuide) for commissioning, maintenance, service and monitoring
  • Better service through guided spare parts exchange
  • Convenient remote monitoring increases safety for specialist companies and customers
  • Fewer on-site service visits, reduced travel costs, less scheduling stress
  • A sustainable system that grows with the needs of the customers
  • Works with mobile devices (including iOS and Android)  

Benefits for users

  • High level of operational reliability and sustainability with networked products and automatic updates
  • Fast and easy system expansion with system components from Viessmann’s Integrated Solution Offering (including photovoltaic systems with electricity storage and wallboxes for e-mobility)
  • Secure and encrypted data transfer
  • Networking and optimization of energy flows for particularly efficient and cost-effective operation
  • Direct display of Viessmann Energy Management in the free ViCare app  


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Seamless linking of the system components, which is made possible by Viessmann One Base using the ViGuide digital service tool, enables complex tasks to be carried out easily and in a time-saving manner at any time, even remotely. Such tasks include menu-guided commissioning, parameter adjustment, guided spare part replacement and fine-tuning of the system.

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Whether heat pump, ventilation system, or photovoltaic system with electricity storage, Viessmann One Base uses apps, service tools and smart home systems to seamlessly connect the various Viessmann products to create an efficient climate solution all from a single source.