Viessmann's company builder wattx launches climony – a new venture aiming to decarbonize our society

company builder wattx launches climony - a new venture to calculate, reduce and compensate carbon emission | the vision is to counteract climate change and preserve living spaces for future generations | climony is providing content, actions, and initiatives to reduce households’ carbon emissions | it aims to become the intersection of civil society, companies, NGOs, and municipalities on climate action | the first version of climony is now available on the iOS app store

Berlin/Allendorf (Eder),  Apr 14, 2022 – Right before earth day 2022, Dr. Simon Müller, CTO of the company builder wattx, announces the launch of their new B2C startup climony.

The vision of climony is to explore new ways for counteracting climate change to preserve living spaces for future generations. To achieve this, the startup challenges the status quo of carbon offsetting services by prioritizing reduction measures over offsetting, educating people on climate change, and funneling support to impactful climate initiatives.  

CO2-offsetting schemes often appear sketchy and leave a lot of open questions.

The service of climony is directed towards innovators and early adopters that want to take climate actions into their own hands. Finding accurate and trustworthy information about climate change on the internet often tends to overwhelm even the most educated climate actionist, while CO2-offsetting schemes often appear sketchy and leave a lot of open questions. climony aims to solve that problem by providing an engaging user experience with qualitative and entertaining educational content on climate change and actions a household can take to reduce its carbon emissions.  

Identifying and promoting the most impactful climate actions.

By combining the expertise of a leading provider for sustainable climate solutions like Viessmann with the capabilities of a Berlin tech startup, climony set itself apart from its competitors. They aim to leverage their relationship with Viessman to become the intersection of civil society, companies, NGOs, and local municipalities. Moreover, by aligning them on immediate, pragmatic climate actions, they want to help achieve net-zero emissions across Europe.

climony follows the logic of the Pareto principle: 80% of our carbon emissions arise from 20% of our daily activities. "We do not try to sell you your third carbon-neutral yoga mat but rather inform you about cost-effective ways to increase your home's energy efficiency," says Simon. With its ever-growing content, initiatives, and partner network, they continuously identify and promote these actions to its users.

The first version of the climony application, designed for sustainability and in line with the Oxford Offsetting Principles, launched on the iOS App Store today. It focuses on three core features:  

  • Calculating the users' annual carbon emissions to raise awareness
  • Educating about ways to reduce these emissions effectively
  • Supporting climate initiatives that reduce carbon emissions  

Simon Bail, Co-Founder of climony, says: "Of course, there is still a long way for us to go but with our launch today we mark the first milestone towards achieving the high ambition we set for ourselves: Addressing climate change collectively. The first version of climony is out there now, and we are excited to embark on this journey together with our users and partners."  

iOS users can download climony today.

Every iPhone user can download climony right away and calculate their carbon emissions within only three minutes. The application will then take them on a learning journey that gets continuously updated with well-researched content – an engaging and impactful experience!

Claudia Nicolai, one of the first users of climony, says: "It is amazing what they have achieved: I was not aware of my carbon emissions and what I could do about them. climony is a very fast way to gain knowledge on climate change and ways to reduce carbon emissions in every aspect of life."

You can download climony here or sign up for the waiting list on if you are using an android device.  

Contact Person:
Simon Bail