Viessmann statement on the Ukraine crisis

Main building in Allendorf (Eder).

Mar 4, 2022 – As a family business, we view Putin’s attacks against Ukraine as an assault against our human world & values – a world, we prefer to live in, based on values enhancing people’s well-being, free thinking, speech and democratic decision-making that provides the indispensable basis to live up to our purpose of (co-)creating living spaces for generations to come. We therefore in any case live up to our social responsibility towards those that share our opinion and are committed to our values and the long-term viability of our 105-year old family business.

Viessmann has stopped conducting business with Russia. This decision was taken on February 25th. We have stopped all deliveries to and from Russia, including spare parts. However, we live up to our social responsibility for our Russian family members - especially to avoid any personal and legal consequences - by ensuring that we are able to pay their salaries and wages. As one large Viessmann family, we will take care of our employees and people in need in the crisis region.

1. The safety of our family members:

In Ukraine, we are primarily committed to our family members and their safety under these extremely dangerous circumstances. We are doing everything we can to ensure that they are safe now and for the foreseeable future. Together with the local leadership team, we have made early preparations for evacuation to safe and welcoming communities in neighboring countries and throughout Europe. All employees have received financial assistance. Our colleagues in neighboring countries have already made preparations to receive and house Ukrainian family members. Their health and safety is our immediate concern and remains our top priority.

2. Our social responsibility to people in urgent need:

We are immediately making 1,000,000 euros available to support people in need.

  • Firstly, as donations to non-profit relief organizations as an immediate measure.
  • Secondly, for on-site support in the form of transport, accommodation, food and medicine. Thirdly, for support in integrating people in the form of education and training opportunities.

As one big Viessmann family, we stand together!