Promise realized: Viessmann Foundation donates 50 air purification devices to protect against COVID-19

The Viessmann Foundation announced that it would donate 50 air purification devices to schools and social institutions in the wake of the Corona pandemic. What happened as a result? | Schools and daycare centers can now receive up to 80 percent federal funding for the installation of Vitovent 200-P under certain conditions.

Students' ability to concentrate is enhanced through improved air quality.

Allendorf (Eder),  Jun 24, 2021 – The Viessmann Foundation has already been able to hand over around 50 air purification units to social institutions and schools, including the Frankenberg nursing school, Immanuel Hospital in Berlin and the Sachsenhausen middle school. The experience with the Vitovent 200-P units has been positive throughout.

"The filter units are an asset and provide a sense of security in times of pandemic," says Nermin Akkus, principal of the Mittelpunktschule Sachsenhausen. "Especially during the high infection numbers, we really appreciated the filtering devices and were able to occupy the corresponding rooms in alternating classes with a clear conscience. It is remarkable that the filter units do not cause any disturbing noise. Thank you very much for the three filter units."

"A great device, thank you very much - the students and class leaders are thrilled," also says Stefan Welde, the principal of Bettina-von Arnim School. "Our school is very pleased and grateful to the Viessmann company for this generous donation of four permanently installed ventilation units," Stefan Welde continues. "With a total of 79 classrooms, it was clear to us that these units belonged in the busy Year 11 classrooms. The installation went very well, the installation location fits well into the rooms and the units provide their service silently."

"The air quality is great. The units run quietly. They don't interfere with lessons and the fresh air promotes concentration," says Horst Schmitt, principal of the Frankenberg nursing school. "Our school is very pleased and grateful to the Viessmann company for this generous donation of four permanently installed ventilation units."

"As a hospital, we are already protecting employees and patients during the pandemic with comprehensive hygiene measures, ongoing testing and a vaccination campaign," said Roy J. Noack, CEO of Immanuel Hospital Berlin. "We are very grateful to now have another important building block to prevent infection with the coronavirus and other airborne diseases with the generous donation of the air purifier."

Viessmann's donations pay toward the company's purpose of creating living spaces for future generations. "It is important to us to protect our children," says Dr. Markus Pfuhl, managing director of the Viessmann Foundation. "With the donated air purification equipment, we have made a contribution to maintaining a part of social life and made it easier for children to attend classes."

The donation amount is in the six-figure range. Viessmann, together with the Indian joint venture Ekki Pump, had already previously delivered 50 respirators to India as a donation during the Corona pandemic.

With immediate effect, the German government is subsidizing the installation of air purification units in schools and daycare centers attended by children up to the age of twelve. This means that Vitovent 200-P is now eligible for up to 80% subsidy. On request, FörderProfi, a service offered by the Viessmann Group, will take care of applying for the subsidies.

Viessmann developed the Vitovent 200-P air purification unit in a very short time based on an employee idea. These are unique hybrid ventilation units that permanently supply rooms with fresh air while simultaneously purifying the air. Through permanent air circulation, aerosols are reduced and closed rooms are constantly supplied with fresh outside air. Vitovent 200-P is particularly suitable for operation in schools, seminar rooms and daycare centers.

About the Viessmann Foundation

The Viessmann Foundation was established in 2020 with the mission statement: "Shaping sustainable living spaces for future generations together - with everything we do." Based on this, the Foundation works with internal and external partners on regional and international projects on the topics of sustainable living spaces ("Living Spaces") and future generations ("Generations to Come") and takes the approach of bringing out the best in all of us ("Best in all of us"). By working together, the Viessmann Foundation achieves greater results than would be possible on its own, creating multiple opportunities to make the world a little better.


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Students' ability to concentrate is enhanced through improved air quality.