Viessmann drives growth course

Allendorf (Eder), Feb 16, 2023 – The climate solutions industry has never been as relevant and visible as today – our family business has never been as large and strong. The 14500 members of the global Viessmann family work every day in more than 70 countries to create living spaces for generations to come. As the Viessmann Group, we want to continue to grow and thus secure the long-term future of our family-owned company and the jobs that go with it. This is why record investments are necessary. This includes 1 billion euro for the heat pump ramp-up, driven by an exponentially increasing demand for climate-friendly solutions. We are well positioned for this today. Additional growth opportunities will need to be financed. We have various options for this, all of which we are currently examining such as financing funds from the European Union or placing a bond on the capital market.