Viessmann donates 100000 euros to schools in the district

The donation will be used to purchase around 150 laptops and 50 iPads for digital education and homeschooling. With this, Viessmann is helping to improve school equipment even after the corona crisis, and creating virtual learning spaces for current and future generations of school children. Annette Viessmann presented the first computer to District Administrator Dr. Kubat.

Allendorf (Eder),  May 11, 2020 – The corona pandemic has turned all our lives completely upside down. This also applies to teachers and especially school children in the region. Instead of live lessons in the classroom, they meet in video conferences and communicate online. They also receive their assignments at home via e-mail. They work on the assignments on computers and then have to send them back to the teacher right away. But this is by no means the standard for everyone. There are a large number of families that do not have enough computers or iPads, or even any at all. Currently there is a shortage of 400 of these devices in the south of the district Waldeck Frankenberg.  For this reason, the family-owned company Viessmann has launched a special aid campaign to live up to its responsibility of helping young people with education, even digitally.

Viessmann is taking even more responsibility for education in the region

Entirely in line with the company’s mission statement: “We create living spaces for generations to come,” numerous “virtual learning spaces are now being created for current and future generations of schoolchildren.” In concrete terms, the Viessmann Allendorf Foundation is donating 100000 euros to the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg as the school board for local schools. This financial support will be used to purchase around 150 laptops and 50 iPads. Initially these will be used for homeschooling during the coronavirus crisis. Later on, they can be used to further improve the digitalization of lessons overall.

Annette Viessmann: “The school education as well as the training and further education of young people in our local region in the center of Germany has always been and will remain a matter close to our hearts. This is why we did not hesitate for a second in this completely new situation for all of us and immediately made the decision to help.”

District Administrator Dr. Reinhard Kubat added: “I am very pleased to accept this donation on behalf of the students, the teachers, and the school management. Working with the schools, we have assessed their needs and will distribute the devices to young people who urgently need them. I would like to thank the Viessmann family and the Viessmann Allendorf Foundation from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful support at this difficult time, when cohesion and solidarity are so essential. The new devices take us a step further in digital education and will also make life a little easier for many families.”

The following points were taken as a basis when distributing the devices to the schools: students in grades 5 to 10 receive the grants, as this is where the need is greatest.

The devices are the property of the schools, which loan them to the students loaded with standard software. The students return the devices to their schools when they no longer need them. The donation campaign is about sustainability, as the devices will continue to be used after the teaching situation has returned to normal.

The following schools in the southern district are receiving devices from the Viessmann donation program:

  • Gesamtschule Battenberg in Battenberg,
  • Gymnasium Edertalschule in Frankenberg,
  • Ortenbergschule in Frankenberg,
  • Burgwaldschule in Frankenberg,
  • Hans Viessmann School as a vocational school in Frankenberg.