New impetus for large heat pumps from Viessmann

The Viessmann Group has strengthened its product line of large heat pumps with an additional development site in Dresden. Also the production capacities were expanded through investments.

Dresden/Allendorf (Eder),  Feb 15, 2021 – As a global provider of climate solutions, the Viessmann Group has strengthened its product line of large heat pumps with an additional development site in Dresden. This was announced by the company today (15.02.2021). The new development site is to be further expanded over the course of the next few years. Viessmann is thus taking advantage of the excellent environment for cooling technology in the Dresden area. In addition, investments have doubled production capacity. Heat pumps are particularly climate-friendly heat generators. Every kilowatt hour of electricity used creates up to four or five kilowatt hours of energy, which can be drawn from the ground, the air or an ice energy store. If the electricity comes from renewable sources, then the cooling, heating or hot water generation is completely CO2-neutral.  

“This technology consequently makes a considerable contribution to the decarbonisation of the heating sector,” explains Dr Markus Klausner, CTO at Viessmann Climate Solutions SE.  

The large heat pump portfolio includes standardised heat pumps and chillers available with a power range of up to 245 kW with scroll and reciprocating compressors. Very large temperature rises are also possible with multi-stage refrigeration circuits. In addition, high-temperature heat pumps with a flow of up to 90°C are available at short notice from mass production. Even higher outputs are possible via cascade control. In addition, the range includes standardised heat pumps with screw compressors up to 600 kW capacity in the normal temperature range. In the future, the product portfolio in the large capacity range will be extended by innovative developments in the field of air-water units. Here, the successful market launches of air-source heat pumps in the small output range will be carried out.

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