Integrated Viessmann Solution Offering: Products and Systems are seamlessly networked with each other using platforms and digital services

Viessmann is transforming itself from a heating systems manufacturer to a solutions provider for the entire living space - inside and outside of buildings. Max Viessmann presented the Integrated Viessmann Solutions Offering during the annual press conference at the ISH 2019 in Frankfurt.

The overview of the Integrated Viessmann Solution Offering.

Frankfurt a. M, Mar 5, 2019.  – Viessmann is shifting from a heating manufacturer to a solutions provider for entire living spaces – within and outside buildings. Max Viessmann, who in the fourth generation took over responsibility for operations as CEO last year, introduced this transformation during the annual press conference at ISH Energy 2019 in Frankfurt.

The decisive factor is the new Integrated Viessmann Solution Offering, which seamlessly links products and systems with digital services via connectivity and platforms. But above all, it unites Viessmann's origins and future in a clear structure.  

The foundation: Products and systems

The foundation is the end-to-end program for heating, cooling and ventilation in which Viessmann offers products and systems for the ideal room conditions in private, commercial and industrial environments, while integrating the right fuel source in each case. Here are some of the things that are new this year:

Next generation of Vitodens wall-mounted gas-fired units
Of the new products presented at the ISH, the highlight is the new generation of wall-mounted gas-fired units developed in close consultation with specialist installers. It is the pioneer of a completely new design language at Viessmann, with which the company once more sets standards and has already been recognized with the Design Plus Award and the IF Award. The clear form language follows a high level of functionality. A gas condensing system has never been easier to install, operate or maintain. All devices from the new generation come with integrated Wi-Fi as standard and enable networked communication between heat generator, homeowner and specialist partner on a fully digital basis.

Modular electronics platform
The innovative electronics platform ushers in a new era for the operation and control of systems. It enables networked communication between heating system, partner and homeowner on a fully digital basis.

Inverter technology for brine/water heat pumps
With their modern inverter technology, Vitocal 333-G compact units are the most efficient solution for new buildings. The output control allows the heat pump to adjust the heat output particularly accurately to the building’s current heat demand.

Attractively-priced heat pump for residential trade and building trades
The Vitocal 200-G Pro brine/water heat pump is an attractively-priced solution for classic heating applications in residential housing and industry – both for new construction and modernization.

Fuel cell heating device for modernization and retrofitting
Being the first manufacturer in Europe to introduce it as standard, Viessmann makes another strong statement with the fuel cell heating system. The new natural gas-powered fuel cell module Vitovalor PA2 sees the company offer the perfect add-on for heating systems already installed in single-family homes and large residential buildings. Users produce their own electricity with it and become less dependent on public power supply, and thus also on rising electricity prices.

Combined heat and power generation unit with Megawatt output for industrial applications
The Vitobloc 200 ID-1000 combined heat and power generation unit now provides a solution with 999 kW of electrical output for use in the chemical, food and metal sectors, as well as in municipal utilities.

The second level: Connectivity and platforms

A key element of the Integrated Viessmann Solution Offering is connectivity. Existing systems dating back to 2004 can be connected via Vitoconnect and the new product generation directly via 'Connectivity Inside'. This means that every Viessmann system is upgradable. Regardless of whether from Viessmann or from numerous other manufacturers, all the main home applications are intuitively networked via the wibutler platform.

Heat pump integration in wibutler pro smart home platform
It is now possible to integrate the Vitocal 300-G brine/water heat pump and the Vitocal 200-A and 200-S air/water heat pumps, expanding the possibilities for the wibutler platform significantly.

Third level: Digital services

Digital services complete the range of products and platforms on offer and assist users in controlling and specialist partners in starting up and servicing the systems, making them an indispensable part of the Integrated Viessmann Solution Offering. The ViCare app enables everyone to conveniently set the ideal room conditions via smartphone. Designed for installers are Vitoguide for online support and the brand new ViStart app for simple, fast and safe start-up-procedures.

Simple, fast and secure commissioning with ViStart  
The app automatically creates a direct connection to the heat generator, queries all parameters to be set one at a time and then sets up the device accordingly. An acceptance report can be generated at the end.

Fourth level: Services

The fourth level of the Integrated Viessmann Solution Offering sees Viessmann provide an increasing number of additional services. The first of those have already been successfully launched. Viessmann Wärme is the solution for anyone who doesn't want to buy a heating system. The digital FörderProfi (Subsidy Pro) helps in the struggle with German Development Bank (KfW) subsidy programs. And with the ViShare Energy Community, private electricity producers can make their own personal contribution to the energy transition. The contractual partner in the ViShare Energy Community is Digital Energy Solutions GmbH.

Viessmann Wärme – Rent a heating system rather than purchasing one
Viessmann Wärme  allows anyone to acquire a modern, efficient and climate-friendly gas heating system – without purchase costs and, if desired, including gas delivery. It is paid through a monthly fee, whereby customers can select among three tariff options.

ViShare Energy Community from DES - becoming more independent of rising electricity prices, fossil fuels and conventional energy suppliers
Private electricity producers become part of the Viessmann Group's energy community and purchase inexpensive 100% green electricity. Electricity, heat and mobility can be generated or used completely sustainably. The ViShare Pro Tariff makes the decision for your own energy system easier and easier to plan than ever. The contract partner for the electricity tariffs of the ViShare Energy Community is DES.

Here is what has been newly added this year:

System consultant and offer assistant
The system consultant is used to orient partners and allows for fast and secure system selection based on a few individual data points. The new offer assistant simplifies configuration of a complete heating system. The result is a complete, technically verified offer.

Expanding the range of solutions during the next few years

The Integrated Viessmann Solution Offering that was presented for the first time is only a small selection of what will be possible going forward – because many clever minds will help Viessmann to fill the portfolio with ever newer solutions over the next few years.

In the company's view, these minds are above all the users. After all, there is no better co-developer than the one who will later use the solution.

These minds also include specialist installer partners in particular. Partners have significantly contributed to the development of both the new generation of gas condensing boilers and the new partner program V+.


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Image 1

The 7-inch colour touch display of the new Viessmann electronics platform has an attractive glass appearance and an integrated light guide; the fluorescent LED bar informs the system operator in real time about the current operating status.

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Image 2

The new generation of Vitodens gas fired wall mounted boilers from Viessmann sets standards not only in terms of reliability and maximum efficiency, but also in terms of operability and design.

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With its modern inverter technology for output modulation, the Viessmann Vitocal 333-G compact device is the most efficient solution for new build.

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Image 4

The new Vitovalor PA2 fuel cell heating appliance with heating water buffer cylinder, gas condensing peak load boiler and DHW cylinder (from left).

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Image 5

The new Viessmann Vitobloc 200 ID-1000 CHP unit with 1 MW output is particularly designed for applications in the chemical, food and metal industries, as well as in local authorities.

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Image 6

The smart home platform wibutler pro links smart products of different manufacturers and makes them controllable via an app.

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Image 7

The new ViStart app from Viessmann for quick and easy commissioning can be used for gas fired condensing boilers from the new Vitodens 300 series with a new electronic platform.

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Image 8

In the ViShare Energy community, private electricity producers can become more independent of rising electricity prices, fossil fuels and conventional energy suppliers in order to make their own personal contribution to the energy turnaround. The contractual partner in the ViShare Energy Community is Digital Energy Solutions GmbH & Co. KG.