Idea management: Viessmann impresses in independent evaluation of top German companies

The Bonn-based management consultancy Dr. Neckel examined the performance of almost 240 German companies.

Peter Becker in an exchange with Dr. Hartmut Neckel on the results of the 2021 key figure comparison.

Allendorf (Eder),  May 13, 2022  - Strong idea management, i.e. the coordination and implementation of employee suggestions, has long since become an important strategic tool with enormous economic potential for companies. In addition, it plays an increasingly important role as a management tool because it supports a corporate climate that promotes innovation. Once again this year, the Bonn-based management consultancy Dr. Neckel examined the performance of almost 240 well-known German companies from a wide range of industries in a large-scale and independent comparison of key figures. The Viessmann Group, one of the world's leading suppliers of sustainable air conditioning (heating, cooling, water and air quality) and renewable energy solutions, is one of the best companies in the German-speaking world in terms of the culture dimension and the overall benefit dimension of idea management.

More than 3 million in savings from employee ideas

Viessmann was able to impress not only with its good overall score, but also in the individual disciplines. Throughout the group, 19,480 ideas were submitted by employees in German-speaking countries last year. This corresponds to a suggestion rate of 2.72 per employee. The company was also exemplary in terms of the quality of the ideas. Overall, the company has achieved savings of more than 3 million euros through the implementation of employee ideas at the German Viessmann sites alone.

Social media is becoming increasingly important

"Campaigns are by far the most frequently mentioned topic when asked about current topics in idea management; they are used by almost half of the companies. In addition, almost 30 percent of the participants are active on their company's social media channels or and offer the possibility to enter ideas from private mobile devices," Dr. Hartmut Neckel presented in his comparison of key figures.

Dr. Neckel is considered one of the most distinguished masterminds and experienced practitioners in the areas of idea management, innovation and continuous improvement processes.

Key figures help in the further development of idea management

Peter Becker, Head of the Idea Management at Viessmann, on the benefits he sees for his work from the survey: "Comparing our own key figures with those of other companies provides benchmarks that are very valuable as orientation for our own actions. Because if my team and I know where we stand in comparison to others, then we can plan goals and measures for the further development of idea management on a more reliable basis - and this is due to the fact of thinking outside the box."


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Dr Hartmut Neckel (right) presented the results to Peter Becker (left).