Viessmann Lays the Foundation for Generations to Come

By creating the Viessmann Family Holding, the entrepreneurial family’s active involvement will be ensured for generations. Going forward, the company will consist of the Climate Solutions, Refrigeration Solutions, Industrial Solutions, Viessmann Investment, as well as two diversification divisions VC/O and Viessmann Real Estate and the bundling of the Viessmann Foundations.

Jul 10, 2019 –  In the 102nd year of Viessmann’s company history, the family business based in Northern Hesse is laying the foundations for future generations. By creating the Viessmann Family Holding, the entrepreneurial family’s active involvement will be ensured for generations. The Viessmann Family Holding’s Board of Directors is headed by its president, Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann. Katharina Viessmann, Prof. Dr. Thomas Rödder (Flick Gocke Schaumburg) and Dr. Albert Christmann (Dr. Oetker) will also join the body as “non-executive” members. Operationally, the Viessmann Family Holding will continue to be led by Co-CEO Maximilian Viessmann, Co-CEO Joachim Janssen and CFO Dr. Ulrich Hüllmann.

This means the third and fourth generations are represented in their entirety and will jointly shape the direction the family business takes.

In addition to the leadership team that guides operations, the Viessmann Family Holding will also include senior advisors. After 28 years working at the company, most recently as CEO of the Heating Systems division, Dr. Klaus-Peter Kegel – the first person to assume this role – will help shape the development of the different business areas.

Thus, the company’s heritage and future are seamlessly linked. Prof. Dr. Viessmann notes, “As a family business we have a natural inclination toward sustainability. For us, the focus is not on the next quarterly report, but on ensuring the continuation of the business for the next generation. The foundations for this course are profitable growth and financial independence. With the Family Holding, we have created the best conditions for perpetuating the company’s success into the future.”

Framework for the family company’s balanced portfolio

The Family Holding will create the framework for the family company’s balanced portfolio in:

For business areas:

  • Climate Solutions
  • Refrigeration Solutions
  • Industrial Solutions
  • Viessmann Investment

Two diversification sectors:

  • V/CO
  • Viessmann Real Estate

as well as the bundling of foundations.

All activities of the family business are aligned with its purpose to “Create living space for generations to come.”

The focus of the new organisational setup will be laying on the future formation of the Climate Solutions business, previously Heating Systems, bundled with the digital activities in the core business.

This business area will be led by Thomas Heim as CSO, Dr. Ulrich Hüllmann as CFO, Dr. Markus Klausner as CTO and Maximilian Viessmann as CEO.

“Viessmann is shifting from a heating manufacturer to a solutions provider for entire living spaces – both inside and outside of buildings. A decisive factor in this process is the new Integrated Viessmann Solution Offering, which uses connectivity and platforms to seamlessly combine products and systems with digital services and value-added services,” Maximilian Viessmann explains.

Thanks to the new setup, Viessmann will also further expand its charitable engagement. “As a family business, we want to increase our commitment to our social responsibilities. We support education and provide people the opportunity to grow. We are also engaged in supporting co-creation for projects that focus on living space, generations to come and culture”, Katharina Viessmann says.

Climate Solutions

The Climate Solutions business area is set to be created from the most important core functions of the previous holding company, the former Heating Systems division, the operations sections of VC/O – especially Digital Products & Marketing – and also from Viessmann IT Service, Shared Service and Viessmann Logistics. The business area will be led by an Executive Board, which includes Maximilian Viessmann (CEO), Dr. Ulrich Hüllmann (CFO), Thomas Heim (CSO) and Dr. Markus Klausner (CTO).

Refrigeration Solutions

CEO Frank Winters will continue to lead the Refrigeration Solutions business area, which supplies refrigeration systems solutions for industry and commerce. This includes refrigerated cabinets, refrigerator and freezer rooms, refrigeration units and accessories. Furthermore, customers receive complete support from planning to service to systems monitoring, as well as tailored systems.

Industrial Solutions

The Industrial Solutions business area offers industrial customers of any size individual solutions with efficient energy systems. Here, the customer is offered comprehensive support throughout the process, from project development to delivery of the service. The business area will continue to be led by CEO Dr. Tino Weber.

Viessmann Investment

In partnership with Timo Tauber – currently Head of M&A – Dr. Tino Weber is to assume responsibility for Viessmann Investment in addition to his other responsibilities. The goal is to develop new markets and regions for the core business and to expand the range of offers through inorganic growth, namely through strategic acquisitions and investments. The focus is on creating value for customers in partnership with other companies.

Risk Diversification

In addition to the business areas focused on operations, the family holding will also secure a long-term outlook for the group and contribute to future-proofing the economic environment in Central Europe.

A central role in this task is assumed by VC/O, led by Dr. Florian Resatsch (CEO). From investments in deep-tech companies (Vito Ventures/Vito One), to the WATTx company builder to the newly created engine room in Berlin, mid-sized companies can benefit from each other and from the experience of Viessmann Transformation. Furthermore, Viessmann Group’s property activities are to be bundled and further expanded in a new company – Viessmann Real Estate.

About Viessmann

As a solutions provider for entire living spaces, Viessmann develops seamless climate solutions that supply people’s environments with an equal balance of the perfect room temperature, warm water, electricity and good air quality. The company seamlessly combines products and systems via platforms and digital services, based on the correct energy sources, in its Integrated Solution Offering. A variety of additional services are also available. The correct balance of renewable energy sources and maximum energy efficiency of fossil energy sources is important here. Since its founding in 1917, the family business has acted based on its values and has been guided by a long-term perspective. This focus is exemplified in our mission statement, which is at the heart of everything we do, and which also summarizes the responsibility of the 12,000-member-strong Viessmann family.