Our Responsibility

We are committed to our responsibility

As a family-run company in its fourth generation, we think long-term and satisfy the challenges of our time with sustainable solutions. It’s all a question of responsibility for us. After all, we are helping create the living spaces for generations to come today. 

The image shows a leaf with water drops as a symbol for sustainability.

How we live and implement sustainability

Finding sustainable solutions – this applies to our products as well as to all areas in the company. More sustainability for future generations.

What sustainability means to us
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Environmental Protection

Minimum standards are not good enough

We have operated an integrated environmental management system for many years. It lets us organize and control the implementation of our environmental protection measures. We think about these measures right from the get-go and put them into action in our processes.
Viessmann and environmental protection
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Sustainability Development Goals

A guide for our daily work

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals show the world community the way to a sustainable future. They serve as cornerstones, encouraging and helping us along the way to making a contribution to achieve these goals. 
Our goals for sustainable development
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We have many talents – and we use them

We know that a diverse team is pertinent to having a successful company. The Viessmann family has many talents, and we use this diversity to our advantage and value it. 
Diversity at Viessmann
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Sustainability in Numbers

We measure our progress

We don't just talk about sustainability. We design sustainability into all of our products and company processes. A variety of KPIs facilitate us in setting goals and measuring the success of our actions.
Our sustainability in numbers
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Energy Management

We boost energy efficiency

The energy management system has allowed Viessmann to establish an organizational structure, leading to the continuous improvement of the carbon footprint.
Energy Management at Viessmann
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Our project for future generations

With the ViMove for Climate campaign, we walk and cycle trees that are newly planted as part of international reforestation projects – for more climate protection and together for future generations.

ViMove for Climate
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Code of Conduct

The Viessmann Code of Conduct

Integrity and compliance with the law are firmly anchored in the Viessmann values and are essential to our company's success. In this respect, the Viessmann Code of Conduct represents an important compass that points the worldwide Viessmann Family in the right direction.

To our Code of Conduct
The image shows a woman blowing into a whistle, symbolizing the whistleblowing system

Compliant behaviour is a top priority

In order for us to live up to our values, it is important to learn about possible misconduct and to put a stop to it. Employees, business partners, customers or other third parties have the opportunity to report irregular behaviour at any time via our whistleblowing system, Viessmann Integrity Line, and other reporting channels (e.g. via the supervisor or the Compliance Officer, by telephone, e-mail, letter, etc.).

Report a compliance case