Facts and Figures

The figures of our success

The family company Viessmann has transitioned from a heating system manufacturer to a global technology leader during its 100 years of history. Here you will find facts and figures describing our company as it is today.

The image shows a Viessmann production hall.
On behalf of people all over the world, Viessmann develops seamless climate and energy solutions that provide the environment with the optimum room temperature, hot water, electricity, and good air quality in equal measure. Our guiding principle is to positively create the living spaces for generations to come. In an integrated range of solutions, we seamlessly connect products and systems based on the right energy sources via platforms and digital services. Viessmann also offers a wide range of additional services.

Viessmann is an international leader

Founded in 1917, the family-owned company is now represented around the world with 22 production companies in twelve countries, 68 distribution companies in 31 countries, and 120 sales branches. We generated 3.4 billion euros in turnover in 2021. A total of 56 percent of this was achieved abroad.










The graphic shows our sales development over the last few years.

Viessmann acts responsibly

We sell around 730000 pieces of equipment annually. 80 percent of them replace existing old equipment. A modernized heat generator reduces carbon emissions by one ton per year. There is huge potential: 13 million outdated pieces of equipment exist in Germany alone. Modernization would release 500000 tons less CO2 into the atmosphere. That’s about as much as the city of Frankfurt am Main produces in annual emissions.

Innovation is part of our DNA: more than 1500 patents and property rights are registered to the Viessmann Group. We already achieved the federal government’s climate protection targets for 2050 in 2012. More key figures on our responsible actions can be found in our climate strategy.

The graphic shows our current contribution to energy transition.

Viessmann is a large family

The large, international Viessmann family now has 14500 employees. It includes 410 apprentices and cooperative education students in 14 different professions and eight cooperative education courses. To date, Viessmann has trained over 4000 people in total. Almost all of them remain with the Viessmann family after completing their education or training.

60000 partners worldwide count on Viessmann products and services. The industry information service markt intern named us the No. 1 Trade Partner for the 15th time in a row.

The graphic shows the Viessmann family members on a map of the world (July 2021).

Strong figures: Our annual report

The image shows Viessmann employees at work in a factory.

We report on our business figures in the annual report. We know: success means starting fresh over and over again.
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