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Our hospitable side – Viessmann hotels and restaurants

Eat, sleep, meet, celebrate, and relax – Viessmann hotels and restaurants provide a unique atmosphere to come and explore northern Hesse, both professionally and privately.

The picture shows one of the rooms in Hotel Die Sonne in Frankenberg

HBB Hotelbetriebsgesellschaft Battenberg operates four hotel and restaurant businesses in northern Hesse’s Waldeck-Frankenberg district. As the operator of the Viessmann Group’s Hospitality area, it offers opportunities for overnight stays, conferences, business lunches, company parties but also for a little R & R, wellness, and family celebrations in close proximity to the company headquarters in Allendorf (Eder) in northern Hesse. The services are targeted towards company employees, business partners and their employees as well as the general public. HBB is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Viessmann Group and has existed as a separate business unit since July 2008. The commercial airfield Allendorf / Eder provides connections to the region.

Warm hospitality with passion

Our slogan is: “We create exceptional moments of joy in a unique atmosphere. All done with warmth and passion.”

During the week, the Group’s hotels and restaurants offer a perfect setting to host local or international customers, business partners, and employees while they’re visiting Viessmann and to accommodate them in a pleasant atmosphere. The hotels and restaurants also offer superb conditions for a variety of events, ranging from workshops to conferences and company celebrations.

The facilities and dining establishments are also available to the public and help bolster the rural area’s economic and tourist infrastructure. For one, the hotels and restaurants offer locals the opportunity to fine dine, relax, or celebrate. The hotels and restaurants are also attractions for outside visitors to the region, who, for example, want to admire the half-timbered ensemble of buildings in the historic old town of Frankenberg, relax in the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park, dine in a star-rated restaurant, explore the surroundings in a vintage car, or treat themselves to naturopathic therapies in the spa. Four dining establishments are included.

The picture shows the terrace of the Walkemühle
View from the terrace of the Walkemühle

Landgut Walkemühle

Landgut Walkemühle was first officially mentioned in a document in 1358 when it was still a grain mill. Only later was it transformed into a fulling mill. Just a few decades ago, it was operated as a spinning and combing plant by the former owners. Since the extensive renovation works from 2007 to 2010, the mill wheel now has a new purpose: it propels a generator that produces around 80,000 kilowatt hours of electrical energy every year. The nearly 660-year-old fulling mill now complies with the latest energy standards. Landgut Walkemühle  serves a wide selection of fresh, crisp, and predominantly regional culinary specialties, such as light snacks and Sunday roasts, in its restaurant, courtyard garden, and on its patio. The new event barn is the perfect location for all kinds of celebrations, whether country weddings, company anniversaries, family reunions, or company meetings.

The picture shows the Walkemühle country estate
The Walkemühle country estate - exterior view

Gasthaus Alt Battenberg

In the small town of Battenberg (Eder), Gasthaus Alt Battenberg  is located in the historic buildings of an old riding school and stagecoach station. The Gast Stube and Café Stube invite visitors to eat, drink, and savor traditional fare. The Burgberg Stube, on the other hand, lets you have a real good time, no matter if there’s a family celebration such as baptism or wedding coming up or a company Christmas party.

The picture shows the exterior view of the Gasthaus Alt-Battenberg
Gasthaus Alt Battenberg exterior view

Gästehaus Battenberg

It is also located in Battenberg and in direct vicinity to the company headquarters in Allendorf (Eder). The former hunting lodge and adjacent wing – built right in the middle of a spacious park and garden area – are equipped with 55 rooms. The guesthouse, however, is not open to the public to stay at but is strictly reserved for the accommodation of company guests – such as in-house staff or employees of partner companies who come for training. The seminar rooms in the hunting lodge and the neighboring seminar tower offer ideal conditions for workshops and network meetings. A spacious dining room with terrace, pub, and bowling alley ensure an eventful day at the Viessmann Academy is wrapped up socializing.

The picture shows the guest house Battenberg
The guesthouse Battenberg is situated in the middle of a spacious park and garden