Vitoclima: efficient cooling, heating, dehumidifying and purification of ambient air

Efficiently cooling, heating, dehumidifying and purifying indoor air - this can be done particularly well with the new single and multi-split air conditioning units. Vitoclima 300-S, Vitoclima 200-S and Vitoclima 200-S Multi can be perfectly integrated into systems for heat and power supply from the Integrated Viessmann Solutions range.

The image shows Vitoclima.
Vitoclima: Pleasantly cooled rooms in summer, comfortable warmth in the transitional period and in winter.

Allendorf (Eder) – Be it in a new build or an existing building – enjoying a healthy, pleasant environment at home all year round is becoming increasingly important for people living in single- and two-family homes. The Vitoclima 300-S, Vitoclima 200-S and Vitoclima 200-S Multi single- and multi-split air conditioners are efficient systems for cooling, heating, dehumidifying and purifying the ambient air.

Cost-effective cooling and heating with a single system

The Vitoclima units can be optimally integrated into heat and power supply systems equipped with components from Viessmann’s Integrated Solution Offering, for example, a Vitovolt photovoltaic system with the Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system. This allows for the cost-effective use of the climate systems with predominantly self-generated electricity – and not only during the summertime. Vitoclima 300-S, 200-S and 200-S Multi can also be used as efficient heat pumps simply by reverting their operation. Warmth is taken from the outside air and used for heating. That saves energy and reduces costs since the conventional heating system can be turned off and remain inactive. To ensure the high efficiency of the new climate systems – and therefore low energy consumption – all series are equipped with the innovative inverter plus technology, which also ensures maximum functional reliability even in the event of considerable current fluctuations.

Vitoclima 300-S: maximum climate comfort through eco sensors and 3D air distribution

The premium single-split unit Vitoclima 300-S is particularly well-suited for use in living areas that demand the highest climate comfort and air purity as well as the lowest possible noise emissions, for example, in bedrooms. Because of that, the sound emission of the internal unit’s wall-mounted boiler, which is available in white or silver, reaches just 15 dB(A) in reduced mode. An integrated eco sensor and 3D air distribution ensure maximum climate comfort. The unit can therefore detect lighting and the presence of people in the room and automatically adjust its operation.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, clean, germ-free air was growing increasingly important. Now it’s even more so. That’s why the Vitoclima 300-S is equipped with an active IFD filter (Intense Field Dielectric) for always excellent air quality. It reliably filters out fine dust, pollen, viruses and bacteria from the ambient air and is easy to clean. People suffering from hay fever and allergies can thus breathe easier. The “steri hygiene” function, a sterilization program to disinfect the surfaces that the air comes into contact with, permanently ensures the highest degree of hygiene.

Comfortable control of the unit: with its standard integrated WLAN interface, Vitoclima 300-S can connect to the internet and be operated by smartphone. Furthermore, the unit can be adjusted via infrared remote control. With an energy efficiency rating of A+++/A+++ (heating/cooling), Vitoclima 300-S also stands out based on its low energy consumption.

Vitoclima 200-S and 200-S Multi: single- and multi-split climate systems for all applications.

The Vitoclima 200-S and Vitoclima 200-S Multi single- and multi-split climate systems are particularly well suited for use in living areas, but also in offices and medical practices. They offer the highest degree of efficiency and climate comfort with quiet operation. The multi-split version can connect up to five internal units (wall-mounted boiler, ceiling panels, duct systems, fan coil units) and thus provide different degrees of air conditioning in various rooms. The internal units are very quiet thanks to the low noise function.

Passive air filters and the “self-clean” cleaning function provide fully hygienic ambient air. The Vitoclima 200-S wall-mounted boilers also feature a UV-C and nano aqua ionization function. This ensures excellent air quality by reducing pollutants in the air and deactivating viruses and bacteria. The wall-mounted boilers, which are available in white and silver, can be controlled by smartphone using the standard integrated WLAN interface. Furthermore, the wall-mounted boilers and ceiling panels can also be adjusted via infrared remote control.

Flexible solutions for every space

The Vitoclima internal units are designed to be mounted on the wall or, for multi-split systems, also in suspended ceilings, duct systems or as convectors on the floor or ceiling. They are well suited for use in the home, but also in small offices and medical practices. Their streamlined, timeless design makes them a match for any interior design style.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Flexible planning thanks to five different internal units
  • Straightforward installation (no hydraulics, no water system and no risk of condensation associated with temperature control using panel heaters)
  • Easily accessible, replaceable components (e.g., control board, fan motor and filter)

Benefits for users

  • Heating, active cooling, dehumidifying and air purification using a single system
  • Healthful, pleasant ambient air through reduction/elimination of viruses, bacteria, fine dust
  • “Turbo cooling and heating” through high power compressor (quickly warm or cool)
  • Basic heating in combination with a second heat generator
  • Ideal as a temporary heating and cooling system, for example, in weekend homes
  • Can operate on self-generated PV power
  • Low investment costs

Technical specifications

Vitoclima 300-S:

  • Rated cooling output: 2.6 to 5.2 kW
  • Rated heat output: 3.2 to 6.0 kW

Vitoclima 200-S:

  • Rated cooling output: 2.6 to 6.8 kW
  • Rated heat output: 2.8 to 6.8 kW

Vitoclima 200-S Multi:

  • Rated cooling output: 4.6 to 10.0 kW
  • Rated heat output: 5.2 to 10.5 kW

Delivery date

The Vitoclima 300-S, Vitoclima 200-S and Vitoclima 200-S Multi single- and multi-split air conditioners have already been launched on the market.