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Vitocell: New DHW cylinder can be easily installed by one person

Viessmann has developed the DHW cylinders into handy and convenient components in cooperation with its specialist partners.

Viessmann Vitocell – Hot water tank for any application.

Aug 17, 2021 - Gone are the days when the transport and installation of a cylinder needed at least two people to pitch in. In cooperation with its specialist partners, Viessmann has developed the new  Vitocell  DHW cylinders into handy and convenient components. Installation can now easily be performed by one person, even for large DHW cylinders with capacities of up to 300 liters.

Simplified transport thanks to new packaging

The secret to the simplified transportation of the new Vitocell lies in a rounded ground ring which is part of the transport packaging. This substantially simplifies the removal of the cylinder from the pallet – the Vitocell is simply rolled to the installation site with the ground ring. There, the ring is removed by tipping the cylinder to the side. In the past, improper handling could easily damage or dent the underbody of the cylinder. Now, the ground ring ensures simple and safe transportation.

Patented sensor installation

Up to three sensors, thermometers or temperature controllers can be installed in the new DHW cylinders without using tools. The patent-pending clamp system replaces the typical immersion pockets and ensures the precise measurement of temperature.

Attractive design

Even for the less conspicuous components of a heating system, Viessmann places value on attractive design. DHW cylinders are frequently located in utility rooms, and should not give off a jarring impression. With their flat upper surface, chic angular profiles and matte Vitopearlwhite color, these are harmoniously coordinated with the look of the new Vitodens gas condensing boilers and Vitocal heat pumps.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Flexible adjustment according to customer requirements thanks to comprehensive cylinder program with A and B efficiency classifications
  • Simple transport and installation of DHW cylinders of up to 300 L by one person
  • Rapid attachment of sensors, thermometers and temperature controllers thanks to a patented clamp system

Benefits for users

  • Minimal energy loss thanks to effective thermal insulation
  • Flexible options (A or B efficiency label)
  • Attractive design coordinated with the new Vitodens gas condensing boilers and Vitocal heat pumps for harmonious integration into the building


The new Vitocell DHW cylinders are already available.

Further information

Further information on the new Vitocell DHW cylinders can be found on the virtual platform


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Viessmann Vitocell – Hot water tank for any application.

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Easy to transport, and with an attractive design – the new Viessmann Vitocell 100-W (Type CVAB-A) DHW cylinder in Vitopearlwhite with energy efficiency label A.