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Viessmann's most important new products in 2023 at a glance

Together with its market partners, Viessmann can play a decisive role in shaping positive changes for future generations. This year, the Integrated Viessmann Solutions Offering provides numerous innovations for this purpose. You can download the press kit with all the new climate solutions here.

Viessmann Invisible, the only product of its kind in the world, is revolutionizing heating technology in new builds

Frankfurt / Allendorf (Eder), Mar 14, 2023 – Unprecedented challenges call for unprecedented answers. Combating climate change and becoming largely self-sufficient in our energy supply in Europe are challenges that offer a huge opportunity for creating positive change for the generations to come. Hand-in-hand with its trade partners, Viessmann can play a decisive role in shaping this positive change – as one big family that can make the energy transition a reality.  Viessmann’s Integrated Solution Offering, featuring a number of new products, is available to make this possible – including innovative products and systems for the efficient use of renewable energy, connectivity and platforms, digital services and new services.

Products and systems

Sustainable solutions for heating, cooling, water and air quality, as well as electricity – this is what the products and systems in Viessmann’s Integrated Solution Offering offer. The range of potential applications covers almost all areas, from single-family homes and large residential buildings to commercial, industrial and municipal facilities. The most important innovations this year are:

Viessmann Invisible: groundbreaking climate system gives you more space at home

With real estate prices on the rise, every square meter of living space is more valuable than ever. So it’s great if you can convert a room previously used for building equipment and appliances into additional living space – for example, to give you an extra play area or storage space. With Viessmann Invisible, a groundbreaking heating and ventilation solution that creates valuable extra space within the home that can be freely designed is now available.

Vitocal 250-A and Vitocal 250-A Pro heat pumps: new output sizes tap into additional applications

The output range of the Vitocal 250-A series has been expanded to include five new output sizes. With their compact external units, the new heat pumps with outputs of up to 8 kW are designed specifically for new builds. The new models with outputs of up to 18.5 kW are intended for modernization projects in particular. The new Vitocal 250-A Pro air/water heat pump is the ideal heating and cooling solution for larger residential buildings, shops and commercial premises. It is available with an output of up to 40 kW. Up to 4 systems can be cascaded for larger outputs of up to 160 kW. With a maximum flow temperature of 70 °C, all of the units are also suitable for modernization projects.

Charging station: the straightforward, safe and efficient way to charge electric vehicles

Viessmann’s new charging station is the ideal complement to a  Vitovolt  photovoltaic system, particularly in combination with the  Vitocharge VX3  electricity storage system. Using solar power to charge electric cars increases personal consumption of self-generated electricity, cutting mobility expenses for the increasingly expensive mains electricity. The charging capacity is up to 11 kW (3-phase).

Vitocell Modular: unique modular storage system to meet all requirements

Viessmann has developed new DHW cylinders and heating water buffer cylinders specifically for applications involving heat pumps, which can be used alone or in combination with its innovative Vitocell Modular range. One unique feature is the modular construction, which offers maximum flexibility and allows various requirements in new construction and modernization work to be met. The DHW and buffer cylinders can be stacked on top of each other ⎯ freeing up additional space.

Vitoair PRO: high-performance ventilation solution with high levels of heat recovery

Larger offices, daycare centers, shops, assembly halls and large residential complexes place particular demands on ventilation systems. The new Vitoair FS PRO and Vitoair CS PRO ventilation units are tailored to meet these very demands with air flows of up to 2000 m³/h. Their strengths include particularly high levels of heat recovery, easy installation in suspended ceilings thanks to flat design, app-based commissioning using the Vitoair PRO app and online monitoring during operation.

Connectivity and platforms

Connecting products and systems to the Internet is a prerequisite for the highest possible levels of efficiency, convenience and safety. This is why all new units feature the integrated  Viessmann One Base  platform and do not require any further internal interfaces for online access. Viessmann One Base networks the products and systems of the Viessmann Integrated Solution Offering portfolio and links them with digital services. This creates comprehensive and seamlessly linked climate and energy solutions that work in perfect harmony with each other thanks to the integrated Viessmann Energy Management system.

Viessmann Energy Management: the efficient way to use energy

Viessmann Energy Management  is fully integrated into the new generation of Vitocal heat pumps. It is designed to ensure the maximum use of self-generated electricity and optimizes the interaction between the photovoltaic system and the  Vitocharge VX3  electricity storage system with the Vitocal heat pump and the electric vehicle charging station. This reduces energy costs and is the best way to help protect the environment. The  ViCare  app on users’ smartphones or tablets displays energy flows in the building in real-time. This gives users access to an intuitive and convenient tool.

Digital services

Viessmann’s digital services are based on connectivity and platforms. They enhance the functions of the products and systems and help users to operate systems, as well as helping specialist partners with commissioning, monitoring and servicing. The tried-and-tested ViGuide service tool has now been expanded considerably:

ViGuide: Europe’s leading tradesman’s tool as a mobile version for smartphones and tablets

ViGuide  is a European leader in remote diagnostics for connected Vitocal heat pumps and has now been endorsed by the independent institute LCP Delta in its most recent report “Remote Heating Diagnostics 2023". Based in Edinburgh, LCP Delta conducts primary research and conducts analyses on sophisticated technologies and innovations that are accelerating the energy transition across the globe.

The digital ViGuide Pro tradesman’s tool now includes the “continuous inspection" feature. The option involves performing a daily online check on the connected customer installations, which is carried out automatically by the tool. Further advantages include extended maintenance intervals, early detection and rectification of faults. ViGuide is now also available for two different applications: the ViGuide Mobile version for smartphones and tablets, as well as for stationary use on office computers. Both applications are updated automatically.


User expectations of state-of-the-art energy systems are increasing, not only in terms of environmental compatibility, but also in terms of user-friendliness and cost transparency. When systems malfunction, users expect fast solutions. At the same time, people working in the trades have more work to do than ever before, meaning that they can hardly cope with the number of orders. This is where Viessmann’s services come into play. New features include:

ViGuide Planning: new modular planning platform

Gone are the days when specialist partners had to use several independent planning tools to design an energy system, as Viessmann has now developed ViGuide Planning. ViGuide Planning is a modular planning platform to which further planning tools will be added bit by bit. ViGuide Planning is the solution for hands-on, quick advice, planning and the preparation of quotes for Viessmann’s renewable energy solutions.

MobileHeating: fast and hassle-free arrangement of mobile heating systems

Viessmann’s new MobileHeating service now offers a fast and hassle-free arrangement of mobile heating systems between rental companies and commercial tenants across Germany. Users can find the right rental company for mobile heating systems near the place they need them with just a few clicks of the mouse. Up to five rental companies can be selected from the partner pool and requested with just one query. Once users have selected an offer, the details are clarified directly with the provider, and a rental agreement can be concluded. It goes without saying that Viessmann’s specialist partners can use this service to rent out their own mobile heating systems.

Partner network: support in expanding sustainable climate solutions ⎯ coordinated in the spirit of partnership

Coming soon: Viessmann is planning a partner network to help its partners across the globe meet the challenges associated with the shift to sustainable climate solutions. Viessmann will be inviting new and familiar partners from Germany and abroad to benefit from additional, tailor-made solutions spanning the entire portfolio. From planning to servicing and maintenance: everything that makes working with Viessmann to find solutions for sustainable climate solutions easier and more efficient will be an integral part of the partner network.

A family for positive change: the future is something that is best shaped together

Finally, the time has come: from March 13 to 17, 2023, Viessmann will be taking the various meetings at the 2023 ISH trade fair to a whole new level: personal dialogue, a sense of "we-feeling", making things possible, innovative strength. Live on location and via a digital livestream ⎯ interested parties can also simply join in online at This is how you can follow all of the events in Viessmann’s trade fair program together with your colleagues, gain insight into the latest system solutions, ask questions using the chat function and find out how Viessmann intends to shape the future together with its trade partners.  

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Viessmann Invisible turns a room typically used for building equipment and appliances into additional living space, for example, to enjoy your own oasis of well-being with a sauna.

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the new, powerful versions of the Viessmann Vitocal 250-A and Vitocal 252-A air/water heat pumps with outputs of up to 18.5 kW are designed for modernizing heating systems in larger existing buildings with high heating loads.

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with its high efficiency and flow temperatures of up to 70 °C, Viessmann’s innovative Vitocal 250-A Pro air/water heat pump is the ideal, climate-friendly alternative for generating heat in larger residential and shop buildings, as well as on commercial premises.

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Viessmann’s new charging station is the ideal complement to a Vitovolt photovoltaic system with the Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system.

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Vitocell Modular is Viessmann’s unique modular storage system featuring DHW cylinders and heating water buffer cylinders, which can be used alone or in combination.

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the new Viessmann Vitoair FS PRO and Vitoair CS PRO ventilation systems are precisely tailored to meet the requirements of offices, daycare centers, shops, assembly halls and large residential complexes.

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networked Viessmann products create an efficient overall system, while Energy Management helps users to use energy while conserving resources and to save on heating costs.

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based on research conducted by the Scottish institute LCP Delta, Viessmann’s ViGuide is the leading remote diagnostics solution for connected Vitocal heat pumps in Europe. The digital tradesman’s tool is now also available as a mobile version for smartphones and tablets, ViGuide Mobile.

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ViGuide Planning: the new ViGuide Planning is a modular planning platform for access to consultation, planning and the preparation of quotes for Viessmann’s renewable energy solutions.

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MobileHeating: Viessmann’s new MobileHeating service now offers a fast and hassle-free arrangement of mobile heating systems between rental companies and commercial tenants.