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Viessmann presents a more powerful electricity storage system

Three-phase operation in same compact footprint – available today | Sophisticated 360° safety concept based on decades of experience, redundant sensor technology and multi-stage monitoring

Vitocharge VX3 modular power storage system

Allendorf/Eder,  May 12, 2022  – The Vitocharge VX3 hybrid electricity storage system complements photovoltaic systems, power-generating heating systems and solar-powered heat pumps. Inverters and up to three battery units are combined in a single device. It can be deployed as a hybrid power storage system with an integrated photovoltaic inverter. It can also be used as an AC-coupled electrical storage system to retrofit an existing photovoltaic system or purely as a photovoltaic inverter in case of subsequent battery retrofit.

For larger PV systems up to 12 kWp

Viessmann has thus taken another step forward in line with its corporate mission statement: “We create living spaces for generations to come.”

The inverter is now available in three power classes – 4.6 kW, 1-phase, and 6 and 8 kW, 3-phase – always in the same design and with the same installation space. This means that even more extensive PV systems with up to 12 kWp can now be connected directly to Vitocharge VX3, and that a separate PV inverter is a thing of the past for combined installations in single- and two-family homes.

Seamless system integration with Viessmann One Base

Viessmann One Base makes it possible to seamlessly combine the electricity storage system with other components from the Integrated Viessmann Solution Offering: Vitovolt PV systems, Vitocal heat pumps and Vitoair ventilation systems as well as digital services such as the ViCare app and the ViGuide service tool. The hybrid electricity storage system can be conveniently controlled using the energy management features of the ViCare app. In this way it is possible to visualize the energy flows of Vitocharge VX3 and other system components of the overall system while also optimizing the mode of operation.

Proven 360° safety concept

Viessmann drew heavily on its decades of experience with safety-focused electronics for heat generators in developing and manufacturing the new Vitocharge VX3. The result: Vitocharge VX3 possesses a proven

360° safety concept that includes the choice of reliable cell chemistry as well as multiple software, sensor technology and shut-down functions. All VX3 battery modules consist of reliable lithium-iron-phosphate cells (LFP). Monitored sensor technology and shut-down functions enable early detection of fault conditions and reliable establishment of a safe condition.

Conclusion: Vitocharge VX3 is one of the safest electricity storage systems on the market!

Benefits for trade partners

  • One product for three key applications in single- and two-family homes:
      - Hybrid solution for the combined installation of a PV system and an electricity storage system
      - Retrofitting the electricity storage system for a PV system with existing PV inverter
      - Installation of a PV system with PV inverter without electricity storage system
  • Easy installation due to manageable weight of components (< 32 kg per unit)
  • Integrated protection against short circuit and reverse polarity when connecting batteries
  • Multi-stage safety concept as well as intrinsically safe lithium-iron-phosphate cells
  • Guided commissioning via ViGuide
  • Perfectly matched Viessmann components  

Benefits for users

  • Flat, compact design

  • Wall-mounted or floorstanding installation with pedestal
  • Highly efficient thanks to intelligent software
  • Safe and durable lithium-iron-phosphate cells with high environmental compatibility
  • Fully automatic back-up power function in power outages (optional)
  • Integrated Viessmann Energy Management for full transparency through comprehensive energy monitoring and optimization of self-consumption
  • Access to ViShare Energy Community with flexible electricity rates (ViShare Energy Community is operated by Energy Market Solutions GmbH).
  • 10-year replacement value warranty on the Vitocharge battery cells  

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Battery features:

  • Usable storage capacity: 5/10/15 kWh
  • Dimensions of battery unit (width x height x depth): 600 x 500 x 250 mm    

Inverter features:

  • AC power classes:
      - 4.6 kVA (single-phase), max. 7 kWp
      - 6.0 kVA (three-phase), max. 9 kWp
      - 8.0 kVA (three-phase), max. 12 kWp
  • Dimensions of inverter unit (width x height x depth): 600 x 500 x 250 mm
  • Interface: EEBUS


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Viessmann’s modular Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system is now available for three-phase operation as well.