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Viessmann Ice Energy Storage 2.0: Now in plastic

Viessmann launches the next generation Vitoset Ice Energy Storage for single-family homes and small residential complexes

Viessmann Eis-Energiespeicher 2.0: jetzt in Kunststoff

Allendorf (Eder),  Feb 21, 2022 –  A high level of heat pump efficiency, trouble-free installation without the need for a permit, even in water conservation areas, and the use of ice for heating: the 2022 model of the Vitoset Ice Energy Storage Unit has all this in common with its predecessor. What’s new is the cistern – built from robust, recyclable plastic instead of concrete – and the integration into complete package solutions for rated heat outputs from 6.0 to 17.2 kilowatts.

Containing around 10 m3 of normal drinking water, the ice energy storage unit is now significantly lighter. It stores heat at low temperatures and releases it to the connected heat pump with a time delay. During the heating season, the heat pump gradually extracts heat from the water through the pre-assembled brine pipelines. If the water freezes, what is known as the crystallization energy can release an additional 1200 kWh for a system in a single-family home. This process can repeat itself any number of times without additional losses.

Fourfold use of environmental energy

Viessmann is combining the ice energy storage with solar/air absorbers, which can be installed as energy fences on the property. These elements, made of aluminum, extract heat from the ambient air and are heated by solar radiation. They directly supply the heat pump or regenerate the ice energy storage unit for the next heating season. This frees up the roof for installing a photovoltaic system. Alternatively, Viessmann will also be offering PVT modules in 2022 for simultaneous generation of electricity and heat from one’s own roof. Taken together, the heat pump can utilize environmental energy in four ways: geothermal energy through direct contact of the uninsulated cistern to the soil, energy from outside air and the sun, and crystallization energy from ice.

No drilling and permit-free – with natural cooling

Viessmann’s especially quiet and robust brine heat pumps can be used with an ice energy storage unit without the need for costly drilling or planning permissions. This can achieve a COP value of up to 5.0 (B0/W35 according to EN 14511). An intelligent heat management system controls the unit and ensures the optimal use of renewable energy for sustainable heating with virtually zero emissions when using green electricity or one’s own solar power. On hot summer days, a heat pump with an ice energy storage unit cools the building naturally simply by reversing the pumping direction while bypassing the compressor.

Tailor-made solution all in one package

The ice energy storage unit and energy fences come with a fully pre-installed hydraulic module as a ready configured package. One cistern and two or three pieces of the absorbers that are two meters high and three meters long provide up to ten kilowatts of heat output. Three ice energy storage units and five absorbers can be installed to achieve the maximum output of 17.2 kilowatts. The space-saving installation is simplified by a pre-assembled hydraulic module with integrated control unit.

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VITOSET can use environmental energy in four ways, thanks to the ice energy storage and the energy fences. Image by Viessmann

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The ice energy storage unit is now entirely made of robust plastic. The brine pipelines are completely pre-assembled and fully wired. Image: Viessmann

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The Vitoset package also comes with an individually pre-assembled hydraulic module with integrated control unit, which makes space-saving installation a breeze. Image: Viessmann