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Viessmann Energy Management: the efficient way to use energy

Viessmann Energy Management conserves resources, saves costs and optimizes the operation of the energy system. In addition to the heat pump, other connected devices such as power storage, DHW cylinder and the wallbox for the electric car are included.

Use energy efficiently with Viessmann Energy Management.

May 10, 2023

Allendorf (Eder)  – Maximizing the use of self-generated photovoltaic power and keeping the amount of electricity taken from the public grid to an absolute minimum – Viessmann Energy Management is the reliable way to achieve this. It is designed to ensure the maximum use of self-generated electricity and optimizes the interaction between the photovoltaic system and the Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system with the Vitocal heat pump and the electric vehicle charging station. This reduces energy costs and is the best way to help protect the environment.

Make the most of your self-generated electricity

The  Vitocal  heat pump and the  Vitocharge  electricity storage system – the one thing that all system components have in common is the  Viessmann One Base  platform. It allows the control systems of these devices to make ideal use of the Energy Management system to ensure efficient operation. The  Energy Management  system also works with the connected Vitocal heat pumps that have been manufactured after November 2017.

The weather-based battery charging management system, which covers the electricity storage system, the heat pump and the wallbox for the electric car, ensures optimum control of the PV yield so as to achieve high levels of self-consumption. Devices in the house that require power (e.g., the heat pump or wallbox) can be switched on or off via the Viessmann Energy Management system in a flexible manner. Depending on availability, these devices use electricity from the Vitocharge electricity storage system. Optimizing PV self-consumption also allows surplus electricity to be converted, for example, into heat to heat the hot water cylinder or – depending on the configuration – to heat the building. Smart management allows users to benefit from a high level of user comfort and reduced energy costs.

All energy flows at a glance

Energy Management is integrated into the  ViCare  app on the users’ smartphones or tablets and displays energy flows in the building in real-time. This information includes, for example, figures on self-generated electricity from the  Vitovolt  PV system or from the Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system, or data on the CO2  emissions saved. This gives users access to an intuitive and convenient energy cockpit at no cost.

Connecting existing PV systems with heat pumps

Thanks to the Solar-Log gateway, it will soon be possible to connect existing PV systems with Viessmann One Base. The gateway allows Viessmann One Base to recognize third-party components in the system and include them in the calculations for the Energy Management system. This means, for example, that Viessmann heat pumps can be supplied with self-generated PV power from other manufacturers’ products.

Energy Management meets users’ needs

The range of functions offered by the Energy Management system meets the needs of a whole host of users. The main advantages include:

  • Reduced energy costs without having to compromise on convenience
  • Countering skyrocketing energy prices by needing less power from the grid
  • Becoming more self-sufficient when it comes to getting power from the public grid
  • Reducing your carbon footprint to protect the environment
  • Setting an example by opting for a high-tech solution
  • Knowing exactly what is happening to the energy you are using and generating
  • Control all components using only a single app

Benefits for trade partners

  • Commissioning, monitoring and full system overview of all components via ViGuide
  • Integrated analysis functions provide recommendations for optimizing the system as a whole
  • All products with Viessmann One Base are supported
  • Automatic updates ensure that you are always up-to-date
  • Connecting photovoltaic systems and inverters from other manufacturers to Viessmann One Base and, as a result, with Viessmann’s system technology

Benefits for users

  • Free service in the ViCare app
  • Clearly structured energy cockpit shows power generation and consumption in the household
  • Increased self-sufficiency thanks to the smart management of all components
  • Reduced energy costs thanks to increased self-consumption
  • Expanding the system to include a Viessmann charging station allows for solar charging and, as a result, a considerable degree of independence from the mounting electricity costs

Delivery date

Viessmann Energy Management is already available.


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Viessmann Energy Management optimizes energy flows in the building and ensures the cost-saving and efficient operation of energy systems comprising the Vitocal heat pump, PV system, Vitocharge electricity storage system and wallbox.

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Networked Viessmann products create an efficient overall system, while Energy Management helps users to use energy while conserving resources and to save on heating costs.