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Successful developer portal now offers new features and design

Portal for developers of smart home systems | Co-creation leads to climate-friendly solutions | Inspiration area where users can find new ideas

The application programming interface (API) portal has now been expanded to include a host of new functions

Allendorf (Eder),  May 5, 2022  – The shift away from the fossil fuels of gas and oil toward climate-friendly solutions in buildings can only succeed if air-conditioning systems are digitalized and integrated with smart home solutions. This ensures that systems operate efficiently and reliably at all times while enabling maximum comfort and well-being. Viessmann launched a highly successful developer portal back in 2021 to make it easier for companies from different industries and end users to develop smart home solutions in connection with the family business’s heating and ventilation systems. The application programming interface (API) portal has now been expanded to include a host of new functions, with a redesign making it even easier to use.

Climate-friendly solutions through co-creation with developers

By making its API publicly available, Viessmann has taken another important step as the leading provider of air-conditioning solutions, in line with its mission statement – "We create living spaces for generations to come." Since the portal launched last autumn, more than 5000 users have registered and sent over 250 million calls to the Viessmann backend. One excellent example of this type of co-creation is the solution devised by one developer that automatically reduces a gas boiler’s output or shuts it down altogether as soon as the home’s wood-burning stove generates enough heat. This is a solution that reduces fossil fuel consumption and thus CO2  emissions while guaranteeing cozy warmth.

Advanced package offers richer feature set

The new improvements include

  • An Advanced package that is provided in addition to the free Basic package and offers a richer feature set and a larger number of API calls. The Advanced package is intended for developers who need more than the Basic functionality, and it can be ordered right on the Viessmann portal. The new Advanced package is initially only available in the German market, but Viessmann is looking into rolling it out in other countries.
  • The fully redesigned website ( has made navigation and finding desired information much easier. It also contains an Inspiration area where portal users can find new ideas for their projects.
  • The documentation has been improved and contains detailed explanations of the various functions so that developers can more quickly familiarize themselves with the API.
  • In addition, an FAQ area contains answers to users’ most important questions about the portal. There are also new contact options for when more assistance is needed.

Experience the Developer Portal today and create living spaces

With the API, smart home and connected device enthusiasts who own a Viessmann heating system can monitor their data better. Companies in the connected/smart home, energy, utilities, facility management and real estate domains can leverage the API to provide more services to customers or streamline their current business. The API provides greater access to service manuals and a user management system that provides additional information on end users.

Companies and developers interested in co-creating living spaces for generations to come should experience the Viessmann Developer Portal for themselves at  or contact Viessmann by emailing  

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Viessmann Developer Portal homepage: The fully redesigned website is easier to navigate and has simplified the process of finding desired information.

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The Viessmann API suite enables developers to easily create exactly the solutions they need.