Room conditions that are always comfortable and clean air protect your health and the building fabric

Always fresh purified air in the living spaces, without having to open the windows for ventilation and losing precious heat in winter - Viessmann is introducing new systems for automatic living space ventilation and innovative air purifiers to the market this year.

The image shows a woman on the sofa, in the background Vitovent.
Awareness of the need for fresh, clean and, most importantly, germ-free ambient air has increased significantly.

Awareness of the need for fresh, clean and, most importantly, germ-free ambient air has increased significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic. But modern ventilation systems can do even more than that: they prevent the formation of mold and protect the building fabric in the process while at the same time helping to save considerable heating costs thanks to effective heat recovery.

New products at a glance

  • The Vitovent 300-W centralized home ventilation system will also be available with an air volume flow of 600 m³/h as of spring 2023. The output size is a new addition to the tried-and-tested 225, 325 and 400 m³/h models.
  • The new components of the click-and-go air distribution system for centralized Vitovent and Vitoair home ventilation systems are the perfect addition to your existing system and are easy, quick and safe to install.
  • The decentralized Vitovent 100-D home ventilation unit is particularly suitable for ventilating living rooms, bedrooms and children’s bedrooms.
  • Viessmann’s new air purification systems respond to the growing need for healthy air

Vitovent 300-W: centralized home ventilation for larger apartments and single-family homes

Larger apartments and single-family homes need powerful ventilation systems to ensure that all rooms are fully supplied with fresh air. This is why Viessmann is expanding the Vitovent 300-W series to include an output size with an air volume flow of 600 m³/h. The Vitovent 300-W ventilation system stands out with its compact dimensions, easy installation and low operating noise.

Effective heat recovery saves heating costs

With Vitovent 300-W, heat losses that occur with conventional window ventilation are finally a thing of the past. The heat exchanger in the ventilation system uses up to 92 percent of the heat contained in the extract air to heat the fresh supply air. This means that you have to heat less. The standard integrated filter system also cleans the supply air of pollutants. An optional pollen filter lets allergy sufferers breathe a sigh of relief.

Additional comfort thanks to optional moisture recovery

To ensure additional comfort, Vitovent 300-W can be retrofitted to feature an enthalpy exchanger for heat and moisture recovery. Balanced humidity creates comfortable room conditions that everyone in the home will benefit from. The balanced humidity levels also prevent the formation of mold and structural damage

Cool ambient air on hot summer days

Operators of the ventilation system will appreciate the passive cooling function of the Vitovent 300-W on hot summer days. During the warm season, the heat exchanger can be completely bypassed via the integrated automatic bypass damper. This temperature-controlled circuit allows cool outside air to enter the rooms at night, ensuring a pleasant freshness.

Convenient use via the ViCare app

In the past, convenient use via the ViCare app was only an option in combination with a Vitocal heat pump. Thanks to the external Vitoconnect-V interface, all Vitovent 300-W series systems can now be operated using the app. It can also be used to connect a large number of other systems from Viessmann’s Integrated Solution Offering. Existing systems can also be retrofitted easily using a ModBus cable. The Vitoconnect V Box can be mounted horizontally or vertically on the wall.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Use in large apartments and single-family homes
  • Simple installation, optionally right- or left-hand version
  • Requires little space due to compact dimensions and wall mounting
  • Low weight
  • Simple system integration (e.g., with a Vitocal heat pump)
  • Comprehensive system from a single source

Benefits for users

  • Cozy temperatures and healthy room conditions
  • Balanced humidity levels prevent the formation of mold and structural damage
  • Removes pollutants and odors by filtering the outside air
  • High levels of heat recovery save energy costs
  • Decreased power consumption for lower electricity costs
  • Low space requirement, for example, above a washing machine
  • Greater protection against burglary and noise thanks to closed windows
  • Retrofitting to feature an enthalpy exchanger for heat and moisture recovery
  • Intuitive and fast to use

Technical specifications

  • Maximum air volume flow: 600 m3/h (based on 200 Pa)
  • Living space: up to 750 m2
  • Heat recovery: up to 92 percent
  • Specific power consumption in line with the Energy-related Products Directive: 0.25 W/(m3/h)
  • Sound power level: 49 dB(A) (radiated noise from the housing in line with the Energy-related Products Directive)
  • Dimensions (length x width x height): 660 x 850 x 800 mm
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • PHI-certified
  • Energy efficiency category: A

Delivery date

The Vitovent 300-W home ventilation system with an air volume flow rate of 600 m3/h and the Vitoconnect V Box will be available from April 2023.

Click-and-go air distribution system: new components to make installation even easier

Laying the ducts and installing the full air distribution system for centralized home ventilation is made particularly quick, easy and safe with Viessmann’s innovative click-and-go system. New components now make this work even easier.

Adapters are no longer required: air inlet/outlet box available in suitable lengths

Adapters are no longer required for the new air inlet/outlet boxes featuring an airtight click-and-go connection. Models are available with flat or round duct connections. This means that systems mixing flat and round connections are also easy to achieve. Depending on the installation situation, customers can choose from long or short housing options. Flow-optimized design reduces pressure losses. Integrated mounting brackets allow for flexible mounting on the wall, ceiling or floor.

No need for time-consuming work to install O-ring seals

The air inlet/outlet boxes now feature an integrated seal, doing away with what was previously time-consuming work to install and grease O-ring seals on the ventilation duct. A fixing bracket made of stainless spring steel ensures a secure hold. Small parts – such as gaskets and fastening material – do not get lost. A viewing window can be used to see right away whether the connection is in the right position. It is reliably secure when the seal disappears completely into the housing. If changes have to be made, the connection can be loosened and securely reconnected without additional tools.

For air volumes large and small: five air distribution system options

Five compact options are available for centralized Vitovent and Vitoair systems to handle both large and small air volume requirements. All of the inner walls are soundproofed. An optimized bracket makes installation and handling easier. Matching connection plates with R75 and R90 click-and-go connections are available for all models in the range.

Vitoair planner – plan and place your order directly

Planning is the first step before installing the air distribution system. The Vitoair planner allows you to quickly design and prepare a quote for a home ventilation system. In only a few steps, the building and all of the rooms in the building are set up in the planner, and a ventilation concept is created in accordance with German industry standard DIN 1946-6. Flow rates can also be entered manually. The tool then defines the right system, including the ventilation unit and duct type.

The clear air volume plan allows specialist partners to make adjustments to duct lengths and the choice of accessories. The automatic pressure loss calculation guarantees consistently reliable planning results. The detailed project report then includes information such as the air volume plan, all of the information necessary for commissioning and the recommended throttle settings. An illustrated list of materials is also created. This allows a quote, including the applicable partner discount, to be created directly in the Vitoair planner. As a final step, the order can be placed immediately in the Viessmann PartnerShop.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Fast click-and-go installation of the ducts on the air inlet/outlet boxes
  • Universal applications – the right product every time
  • Viewing window for even more reliable installation
  • Optimized size of the compact air distribution systems
  • Easier handling and installation of the housings and distribution systems
  • Inspection opening for easy access
  • Compatible system components
  • Flexible solutions for new buildings and modernization projects
  • Vitoair planner makes the planning process easy:
    - Fast and easy planning for single-family homes and large residential buildings
    - DIN 1946-6 ventilation concept or manual flow rate entry
    - Individual adjustments to suit the specific project
    - Automatic pressure loss calculation guarantees reliable planning results
    - Air volume plan including all of the information relevant for installation
    - Project report with illustrated list of materials and information on commissioning
    - Quote including partner discount available directly in the design tool
    - Direct order in Viessmann PartnerShop

Benefits for users

  • Flow-optimized design for silent and efficient operation with reduced pressure losses
  • Durable products that meet the familiar Viessmann quality standards
  • Everything from a single source

Delivery date

The click-and-go air distribution system has already been launched on the market, and the new components will be available as of April 2023.

Vitovent 100-D: decentralized home ventilation for new and existing buildings

Be it for a new build or an existing building that has been renovated to make it energy-efficient, the airtight building envelope usually calls for controlled home ventilation. The decentralized Vitovent 100-D (type H40E B55) home ventilation unit is particularly suitable for ventilating living rooms, bedrooms and children’s bedrooms with a maximum flow rate of 55 m3/h per system pair.

Save considerable heating costs through heat recovery

Vitovent 100-D does not require any ventilation ducts. Instead, at least two systems work on an alternating basis. While one system transports fresh air into the room, the other transports stale air outside. After around 50 to 70 seconds, the ventilators start running in the opposite direction, and the temporarily stored waste heat is released into the fresh supply air. The heat recovery feature integrated into the Vitovent 100-D achieves up to 92 percent heat recovery and ensures substantial heating cost savings. The function can be deactivated in the summer when cool night air is channeled specifically into the rooms.

Convenient control from your smartphone

The Vitovent D app is available in the standard app stores to allow you to control the systems using your smartphone. Alternatively, a stationary touch control panel is available for wall mounting. The app can be used to control the systems individually or apply settings to all rooms (zones). Temperature (° C), humidity (%) and air quality are displayed in the app. Information is also provided when it is time to replace the filter, a process that does not require any tools.

Fast and easy installation

A flush frame is available for wall-mounted installation in living areas. Thanks to its compact design, Vitovent 100-D is already suitable for thin walls with thicknesses of 220 mm.

The wireless Vitovent 100-D (type H40E B55 F) model also requires no wiring between the units and the control panel. A 230 V connection is sufficient, requiring only small holes in the masonry.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Use for new builds and modernization projects
  • For exterior wall thicknesses of 220 mm or more
  • Easy installation with core drill hole of 162 mm
  • Reduced installation effort with the wireless version (saves time)
  • Standard domestic power connection for the wireless version (230 V)
  • Flexible control based on customers’ wishes (stationary touch display, app)

Benefits for users

  • Easy to use with mobile end devices and the Vitovent D app
  • Unit appearance blends in well in living areas
  • Filter can be changed without tools
  • Wireless version requires less installation effort for modernization projects

Technical specifications

  • Maximum air volume flow: up to 55 m3/h
  • Room size: approx. 41 m2 per set of devices
  • Heat recovery: up to 92 percent
  • Specific power consumption in line with the Energy-related Products Directive: 0.09 W/(m3/h)
  • Operating noise: 39 dB(A)
  • Core drill hole: 162 mm
  • Energy efficiency category: A

Delivery date

Vitovent 100-D (Type H40E B55) is available as of April 2023:

Viessmann air purification system: the quick solution for healthy ambient air

Viessmann’s new air purification systems respond to the growing need for healthy indoor air. They filter out particles, aerosols, pollen, bacteria and viruses from the air, making life easier for allergy sufferers and potentially reducing the risk of infection. Customers can choose from three ready-to-use units with air volume flows of 250, 350 and 450 m3/h. This allows trade partners to expand their portfolios to include a ready-to-use solution.

Pollen, dust and viruses have no chance

The HEPA/activated carbon filters used filter out 99.95% of all particles from the air. This stops the spread of fine and household dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses almost completely. What's more, the risk of infection from aerosols, which contribute to the spread of COVID-19 and influenza viruses, is reduced in the long term.

Stay healthy and enjoy a better night’s sleep

Clean air not only has a positive impact on our health; it also improves the quality of our sleep. The activated carbon filter absorbs volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and eliminates unpleasant odors. A colored LED ring on the system control panel shows the current air quality and indicates when customers have to change the filter.

Easy to use with Viessmann One Base

Many Viessmann systems already work on the Viessmann One Base electronics platform, which only requires the ViCare app to operate. The platform can also be used to control the air purification systems. Users can control their devices manually by setting fixed fan levels. The devices can also be controlled automatically, in which case the system analyses the air quality in the room and adjusts the ventilation in modulating mode.

Users can also create their own time profiles. The air purification system can be operated at the minimum or maximum level for a defined period, for example, in the evening when customers are getting ready for bed, or to clean the air quickly after cooking.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Little advisory work required
  • No installation work required
  • Provision of test devices
  • Increase in sales (cash & carry)

Benefits for users

  • Lower risk of infection thanks to the filtering of bacteria and viruses
  • HEPA/activated carbon filter filters out 99.95 % of all harmful particles and aerosols
  • Sensor technology for fine dust, VOCs, temperature and humidity
  • Alleviates allergy symptoms
  • Demand-oriented automatic operation reduces energy costs
  • Easy and intuitive operation via ViCare app

Technical specifications

  • Maximum flow rate:
    - type AP 250: 250 m3/h
    - type AP 350: 350 m3/h
    - type AP 450: 450 m3/h
  • Operating noise: 33 to 65 dB(A)
  • Dimensions (length x width x height)/weight:
    - type AP 250: 340 x 245 x 500 mm / 9.2 kg
    - type AP 350: average 312 x 600 mm / 8.5 kg
    - type AP 450: 312 x 312 x 600 mm / 11.4 kg
  • Maximum power consumption:
    - type AP 250: 26 W
    - type AP 350: 44 W
    - type AP 450: 60 W

Delivery date

The new Viessmann air purification systems will be available on the market as of September 2023.