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New comprehensive range of Viessmann services

Process automation covering everything from quotes to insurance

The value-added services are designed to respond to the individual wishes of customers and partners and to provide additional services to meet their needs.

Jul 2, 2021 - They make day-to-day work easier, ensure maximum safety, save money, and round off Viessmann’s Integrated Solution Offering – these are Viessmann’s many services for trade partners and homeowners. The value-added services are designed to respond to the individual wishes of customers and partners and to provide additional services to meet their needs. One significant advantage for specialist partners is the financial benefit offered by services as additional sources of income, for example because it is now possible to provide additional services to existing customers, or also attract new customers.

Integration into PartnerPortal

In the future, the  Partner Portal  will provide access to these various services. The services are also linked to each other, meaning, for example, that the Viessmann Wärme quotes can also be generated in the heating calculator.

This gives specialist partners access to all services under one roof and allows them to make optimum use of the advantages that these supplementary services offer.

Vitoleads: Automated quote generation now also for Viessmann Heating and featuring information on subsidies

The  Vitoleads heating calculator  allows quotes to be generated quickly and easily by any employee, both in the office and on the end user’s premises. The software provides 24/7 access to automatically generated quotes that can be customized to suit any situation. The system can also help to reduce the need for initial on-site visits.

A  Viessmann Heating  price can also be calculated when a quote for a new heating system is prepared. This gives customers a direct comparison between buying their own energy system and renting it as part of an individual Pro tariff that includes the required technology and energy supply.

Another factor that matters in the decision-making process is the subsidies available. As a result, the Vitoleads heating calculator now also displays the subsidy options for the product combination selected. The ongoing development of the tool will ultimately allow it to cover Viessmann’s comprehensive range of products.

How Vitoleads works

The heating calculator is a software solution. The tool allows specialist partners to reach their customers online regardless of their location and opening hours. This is achieved by integrating the software into the website of the Viessmann partners. Individual information and prices can be stored for a particular quote. After answering only a few questions on the website, the potential customer is sent a non-binding quote right away.

What is more, the software can be used both in the office and for on-site visits. This offers particular advantages for Viessmann specialist partners:

  1. Saves time in the office
    The online assistant allows offers to be prepared quickly, e.g. in connection with telephone inquiries. Straightforward to use for all employees
  2. Saves time when visiting end customers
    The on-site assistant allows a precise and qualified quote to be prepared right away during visits to prospective customers, even if no internet connection is available.
  3. Generates valuable leads
    The heating calculator that is integrated into the specialist partner’s website allows valuable customer leads to be generated – 365 days a year.  

FörderProfi (Subsidy Pro): The end-to-end service from A to Z

The era in which completing subsidy applications was a tedious and time-consuming process is finally over – the Viessmann  FörderProfi (Subsidy Pro)  makes the process very simple. The first step involves the online service check of whether the planned project is eligible for subsidies free of charge, which takes only a few minutes, before then helping builders, modernizers or specialist partners move from the application stage to the payout of the subsidy.

New features this year include the submission of applications within 24 hours, the Viessmann subsidy guarantee and the option of obtaining interim financing and checking your application status at any time

Green light given after 24 hours

While eligibility for subsidies is checked in real time, it now also takes less than 24 hours on average to submit the application using the FörderProfi (Subsidy Pro) system. This helps to minimize red tape and prevent any delays in the construction work. Provided that all of the information entered is correct and the documents have been uploaded to the FörderProfi portal, both the project and subsidy guarantee are green lit as soon as the application is submitted.

Subsidy guarantee

If the application is rejected by the funding organization (the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) or the German state-owned development bank KfW), despite a positive subsidy eligibility check and a green light for the work to start having been given by FörderProfi, Viessmann guarantees funding for the project provided that the main component of the heating system is a Viessmann heat generator. This means that the subsidy amount is guaranteed and that construction work can start as soon as the application has been submitted, with no risk involved. The offer applies to applicants who are natural persons with a maximum of two residential units in the property concerned. For more information, visit

Interim financing

After an application is submitted, it can take up to six months for the subsidies to be paid out to the end customer. The specialist partner’s invoice, on the other hand, normally has to be settled earlier. As a result, if eligibility for a subsidy has been confirmed, Viessmann offers its customers interim financing until the subsidy amount has been paid out. Once the subsidy has been paid out, the loan can be repaid immediately and in full thanks to an unscheduled repayment clause.

Checking the status of your own inquiry without having to go off-line

One of the key differences compared with the conventional application process is that the FörderProfi service does not involve any tedious paperwork. All of the relevant data is entered online at You can then access the free eligibility check at the click of a mouse; complete support is then provided via email for the submission and processing of the application. The current status of every subsidy application can now be accessed at any time in your dedicated login area. Templates can be downloaded from the login area and additional documents can be edited and uploaded.

Viessmann Heating: The alternative to purchasing a boiler

Make the most of state-of-the-art heating technology but without having to make any substantial investment –  Viessmann Heating  offers you a new heating system without the need for any major investment and up to 15 years of worry-free heating. All services, such as maintenance and repair work, are included. Customers can also opt for the worry-free package, which also includes the supply of gas. Viessmann Heating customers can sit back and relax in the comfort of a home that is always warm.

Prices vary depending on the package and heat generator selected. In addition to Viessmann gas heating, customers can also opt to rent oil-fueled heating or heat pump systems.

A new feature this year:

  • Viessmann Heating customers can now benefit from the German government subsidies for energy-efficient buildings (BEG) and,
  • from the summer of 2021 onwards, will also be able to rent photovoltaic systems.  

Viessmann Heating benefits from BEG subsidies

The new Viessmann Heating packages have also included BEG subsidies since January 1, 2021. The offers for Vitocal heat pumps are a particularly attractive option for customers who are looking to choose a new energy system for their property.

Photovoltaic systems to rent and Viessmann Heating & Electricity

With feed-in tariffs on the decline, it makes more sense than ever before to use the solar power you generate in your own home. The electricity costs per kWh tend to be much higher than the remuneration rate per kWh of solar power fed into the grid. The Viessmann Heating program now also plans to respond to this trend for customers purchasing a photovoltaic system. Instead of purchasing a system, with the high acquisition costs that entails, customers can simply opt to rent a PV system with an output of between 3 and 10 kWp. Customers enjoy predictable monthly payments and a contract term of between ten and 20 years. This is why Viessmann Heating & Electricity is offering a worry-free package that includes everything from registration to insurance, commissioning, maintenance and any necessary repair work.

As well as using the photovoltaic electricity you generate in your own home, another particularly interesting option is to store this electricity in an energy storage system. This allows you to use your own electricity even at night, when the photovoltaic system is not supplying any power. In addition to the inclusive tariff for the Viessmann Heating & Electricity package, you can reduce your electricity bill even further by becoming more self-sufficient if you conclude the  ViShare Pro Tariff for electricity via the ViShare Energy Community when you rent your Viessmann photovoltaic system.

ViShare: 100 percent green electricity – certified by the German technical supervisory association TÜV Nord

Helping to protect the environment and achieving independence from conventional energy suppliers are good reasons to supply your home with renewable energy and become a member of the  ViShare Energy Community. The members supply themselves with 100 percent green electricity, as has now been certified by TÜV Nord.

ViShare members generate their own green electricity, for example using one of Viessmann’s photovoltaic systems. Surplus electricity is channeled either into an electricity storage system to be used later on, or into the grid. Conversely, if the power you are generating yourself is not sufficient, you can tap into the grid for certified green energy. Together with the surplus form other community members the energy is green in the aggregate. The contractual partner in the ViShare Energy Community is Energy Market Solutions GmbH.

Continue to run photovoltaic systems when the EEG subsidies expire

ViShare is now also the efficient solution for customers who want to keep running photovoltaic systems after subsidies that have expired, in a cost-effective manner and with the legal security they need. For thousands of operators of these systems, 2021 will mark the end of an era: the 20-year-old subsidy provided under the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) is set to expire, as are the currently attractive feed-in tariffs for electricity generated by the operators themselves. Viessmann’s Integrated Solution Offering fulfills the technical prerequisites for continued operation – for example with the Vitocharge VX3 modular electricity storage system – and cost-effective electricity rates with ViShare. A combination of a photovoltaic system, an electricity storage system and potentially a heating system that generates electricity allows customers to use the power they generate themselves in their own household instead of feeding it into the public grid for little monetary reward.

Attractive ViShare rates offered by the Energy Market Solutions

The “ViShare Haushaltsstrom” household electricity rate and the “ViShare Wärmestrom” electricity from heat rate are the conventional electricity rates offered by Energy Market Solutions GmbH. Customers who sign up for one of these two rates become part of the ViShare Energy community and enjoy the numerous benefits it has to offer, including predictable running costs and 100 percent green electricity. As ViShare Pro Tariff user, they have their monthly energy costs under control right from the get-go, and pay a single rate that covers a whole package of services.

peccon: Insurance solutions for successful corporate management

peccon is one of Viessmann’s value-added services and is a digital financial services broker. The service offers specialist partners, customers and also employees customized insurance solutions based on special conditions. Sustainability and a focus on customers are at the very center of the service provider’s vision, which is consistent with the mission statement “Partners for generations to come.” This wholly owned subsidiary of Viessmann has access to a network of insurance partners such as Allianz or HDI.

peccon’s offering includes various exclusive protection solutions developed specifically to meet the needs of heating system installers, electrical and plumbing businesses:

  • peccon check  is a free and non-binding check performed on existing insurance cover for Viessmann specialist partners. The cover is then reviewed at regular intervals and is adapted if necessary to reflect the current market environment and conditions facing the company.
  • Viessmann Partner Protect  was developed exclusively for Viessmann specialist partners. This customized product focuses on the needs of specialist partners, which is why peccon’s consultants are specialists in the fields of heating system, electrical and sanitary installations. They are familiar with the particular risks faced by installers and can offer tailor-made insurance products.
  • The Schufa information service and factoring services  are part of a reasonably priced product that gives craftsmen fast access to Schufa information. The factoring service allows businesses to safeguard their liquidity. It involves policyholders assigning outstanding claims to third parties in return for a fee. This gives specialist partners immediate access to their revenue. The factoring company assumes responsibility for receivables management.  

All of peccon’s specialists are trained insurance clerks. They provide non-binding advice and can assist with all questions relating to pensions, occupational incapacity and all other lines of insurance.

Occupational pensions for employees

peccon has developed an occupational pension scheme specifically for employees of Viessmann and its specialist partners, allowing employees to increase the pension they will receive in the future.

More information is available at:

System advisor: The quickest way to the best possible solution

The digital system advisor helps specialist partners provide advice on comprehensive energy solutions for single- and two-family homes. The data input is used to generate individual suggested solutions that can then be customized to meet the customer’s needs

Our specialist partners can now generate a quote, including a system diagram, faster than ever before using a request for a quote directly within the tool. Dual-mode systems can now also be configured in combination with an existing heat generator. BAFA and KfW subsidies have also been implemented in the system.

Three suggested solutions based on minimal input

The software generates individual suggested solutions and provides comprehensive important figures to support the decision-making process. A simple query process is used to create optimized proposals for the future energy system in new builds or existing buildings. Users can select from a range of parameters such as low energy costs, high levels of self-sufficiency or minimal CO2 emissions. What is more, specialist partners can use the integrated profitability analysis to illustrate the long-term energy savings achieved with a higher initial investment to their customers, and trigger a request for a quote from within the tool right away.

A quote in three days

Specialist partners can generate a quote, including a system diagram, faster than ever before: the digital support means that only three days are required to prepare the quote. This means that end customers can decide on a solution quickly too, and get started on their new build or modernization project.

Dual-mode configurations for new and old systems

If an old heat generator is to be kept as a peak load boiler as part of a modernization project, it can be selected in the system advisor and included in the planning process. One example is the addition of a solar heating system and a hybrid device for a dual-mode system.

BAFA and KfW subsidies have been implemented

The proposed solutions already show end customers the financial benefits they can enjoy based on the current BAFA market incentive program, as well as the valid KfW subsidy rates.

You can test the system advisor at:

Quote wizard: Now for heat pumps, too

The new version of the quote wizard also covers heat pumps. This means that the service is now available with an even broader range of efficient and sustainable Viessmann products at

Online configuration tool for customized heating systems

The Viessmann quote wizard offers a convenient way of configuring a heating system, including technical validation – in any place and at any time. With the online application, it couldn’t be easier to create customized system packages, with much less time having to be spent on paperwork, too. The end result is a fully coordinated offer.

Vitodesk: The support for system planning you won’t want to be without

Planning climate solutions as quickly and easily as possible so you can devote the time saved to more important tasks – Vitodesk planning tools make day-to-day work easier for specialist partners. Thanks to ongoing enhancements, they now offer even more comprehensive support.  

Vitodesk 100 PV planner

The new PV planner web tool makes it much easier to plan photovoltaic systems and electricity storage systems thanks to automatic functions such as:

  • The exact positioning of the system using Google Maps
  • Calculation of snow and wind loads
  • Capture of data regarding the roof – also spanning several roofs in future
  • Planning of off-limit areas: skylights, dormer windows, chimneys
  • Automatic and unrestricted allocation of photovoltaic modules to the roof surfaces
  • Supporting structure planning for sloping roofs
  • Inverter design
  • Design of electricity storage systems (incl. Vitocharge VX3)
  • Automatic and manual stringing of the photovoltaic system
  • Profitability calculation
  • Information on self-sufficiency and share of the electricity generated for self-consumption
  • Production of the full parts list
  • Full report including installation and stringing diagrams  

Vitodesk 200 Haustechnik 2020

Calculation suite for basic evaluation for home automation and building equipment and appliances. The software is suitable for systems of all sizes, from single-family homes to district-level construction. Functions at a glance:

  • Thermal transmittance calculation
  • EnEV for residential buildings
  • Heating load under DIN 12831 (2020 version)
  • Cooling load – simplified and dynamic under VDI 2078 and ASHRAE
  • Designing layout of areas for heating and cooling
  • Designing floor heating

Air volume calculation under DIN 1946 Sheet 6 (2019 version)  

Vitodesk 200 Ventilation

The software has been adjusted in accordance with the new DIN 1946-6: 2019 for the rapid planning and layout of Vitovent ventilation systems. In addition to standard variants, complex air distribution systems such as combinations of round and flat ducts can be calculated. The primary components are included with diagrams; and a full list of materials simplifies offering and ordering. The tool can be integrated into the Viessmann software portfolio like Vitodesk Haustechnik and Smartplan.

Vitodesk 300 modules for piping

The modules of the Viessmann piping family for heating systems, drinking water, effluent and gas work consistently in all presentation types, whether in schematics, floorplans or three-dimensional models. The entry of piping has been simplified for this purpose. Additional buttons and functions provide more flexibility and oversight of the planning and construction process for heating systems.

Key functions:

  • Planning and design of gas systems under TRGI 2018. For the first time, gas systems with multilayer composite piping can be planned and the gas flow monitors can be designed for the system. The software continues to support measurement under the 2008 version of the standard. This makes it possible to conclude ongoing projects under the old rules and plan new projects with the new TRGI.
  • Subsequent marking of vents and openings.
  • Heating load specified in watts in the room stamp (marker).
  • Building component data can be modified or expanded via external Excel database as desired. The addition of further columns makes it possible to add additional attributes for each building component group. The schematic is updated when the Excel building component database is (re)imported.
  • Expanded pump dialog: In addition to the regulating plate, input can also be provided through the input field when manually adjusting the control characteristic.  

Vitodesk 300 BIM Planning Suite

Building information modeling (BIM) refers to the optimized planning, execution and management of buildings with the help of software and a comprehensive data model. In this context, all relevant building data is digitally modeled, combined and recorded. The result is a virtual computer model of the building.

BIM is used in construction planning and construction execution in fields such as architecture, in home automation and building equipment and appliances and in facility management. The planning suite includes the Vitodesk 300 TGA modules, including an IFC interface for importing and exporting data. The other functions include:

  • Building manager
  • Haustechnik Pro 2021
  • Thermal transmittance calculation
  • Heating load calculation
  • Wall/floor heating and radiator design
  • Piping calculation in 2D/3D, automatic flow balancing and valve configuration
  • Heating system, drinking water, effluent and gas shown in 2D and 3D
  • 3-D heating center planning with steelwork and vent planning
  • CAD base system (optional, if no Autocad already available)
  • IFC for data exchange with other units  

Service Plus: Help with professional system support

Viessmann’s Service Plus offers specialist partners top-quality support for the professional and efficient maintenance of the heating systems they install.


Specialist partners with their own service department benefit from numerous apps to support fast commissioning and maintenance:

  • Vitoguide Start Assist commissions a heating system safely and intuitively
  • The ViBooks database ensures that partners always have all of the necessary documents close to hand
  • Vitoguide allows all systems to be serviced remotely and helps partners to make the service they offer even more attractive
  • The Viessmann replacement part app orders necessary replacement parts quickly and securely  

Full service

Specialist partners that do not have their own service department can still offer their customers a worry-free package – thanks to the support provided by the Viessmann customer service team:

  • Commissioning and introductory instruction by Viessmann’s Technical Service department
  • Maintenance contracts to ensure safe and efficient system operation in the long run
  • Control room monitoring with guaranteed response times
  • Full warranty for up to ten years on selected products  

Transparent management of energy systems

The system overview gives specialist partners the transparency they need to manage all of the Viessmann energy systems they are responsible for servicing:

  • Recording of components, location, date of commissioning
  • Activation of extended warranties
  • Dispatch of system certificate
  • Overview of all (registered) systems with search function for consignments
  • Transparent information on contracts, warranty periods and service history
  • All documents relating to the system can be displayed in ViBooks
  • Commission the Technical Service department

The system overview can be accessed directly atübersicht, or using the app switcher or Vitoguide.

Further information

Further information on the comprehensive range of Viessmann services is available on the virtual platform at


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Image 1

Vitoleads: The Viessmann software provides 24/7 access to automatically generated quotes – now also for Viessmann Heating and featuring the integrated FörderProfi (Subsidy Pro)

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Image 2

New comprehensive range of Viessmann services – Press release (DOCX 2 MB)

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Image 3

Viessmann Heating is the alternative to purchasing a boiler – customers can now benefit from the German government subsidies for energy-efficient buildings (BEG) and, from the summer of 2021 onwards, will also be able to rent photovoltaic systems.

Download 3536x2493px (JPG 186 KB)

Image 4

ViShare: The members of the Energy Community supply themselves with 100 percent green electricity, as has now been certified by TÜV Nord.

Download 1280x1591px (JPG 156 KB)

Image 5

With the system advisor, Viessmann helps specialist partners to provide advice on comprehensive energy solutions for single- and two-family homes.

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Image 6

The latest version of Viessmann’s quote wizard now also covers heat pumps.

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Image 7

Vitodesk planning software: Viessmann’s new PV planner web tool makes it easier to plan photovoltaic systems, for example thanks to the exact positioning of the system using Google Maps.

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Image 8

The value-added services are designed to respond to the individual wishes of customers and partners and to provide additional services to meet their needs.

Download 1748x1748px (JPG 153 KB)

Image 9

Viessmann’s value-added service peccon offers specialist partners, customers and also employees customized insurance solutions based on special conditions.