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Heat pump hybrid devices: highly efficient, renewable and sustainable

Vitocal 250-AH and Vitocal 250-SH reduce carbon footprints and exposure to rising fuel prices | Hybrid Pro Control can minimize either emissions or heating costs | Viessmann One Base enables holistic solutions with photovoltaics, electricity storage systems and home ventilation

The new heat pump hybrid unit Vitocal 250-AH

Allendorf (Eder), Dec 15, 2022  –  Climate change and the current energy crisis have accelerated the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy. The new Vitocal 250-AH and Vitocal 250-SH hybrid heat pumps are the perfect solution for property owners who wish to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and their dependence on rising fuel prices but still want to keep their gas or oil heating systems. Viessmann One Base makes the devices particularly sustainable. With this innovative platform, homeowners can easily add a photovoltaic system, electricity storage system and home ventilation and control them all through a single app. Energy efficiency is higher and user comfort maximized. The new hybrid devices thus represent another step forward in line with the mission statement of the Viessmann family business: “We create living spaces for generations to come.”

Free ambient heat provides up to 85% of annual heat output

The Vitocal 250-AH and the Vitocal 250-SH provide baseload heat supply and handle up to 85% of the annual heat output. The boilers are only switched on if the outside temperatures are particularly low, which leads to low gas and oil consumption and CO2  emissions.

The Vitocal 250-AH air/water heat pump is the monobloc version of the new hybrid devices in which the entire cooling circuit is located in the external unit. The refrigerant used is R290 (propane), which is seen as very environmentally friendly with an extremely low GWP100 (global warming potential) of 0.02. The Vitocal 250-AH provides heat outputs of 2.6 to 13.4 kW. This heat pump works very well with existing radiators thanks to its maximum flow temperature of 70 °C, even at outside temperatures of -10 °C.

Its counterpart is the Vitocal 250-SH split-design heat pump (heat output of 1.3 to 11 kW). This system also uses the very climate-friendly R32 refrigerant and thus complies with the F-Gases Regulation for 2025. Its maximum flow temperature is 70 °C in conjunction with the second heat generator.

Both versions – monobloc and split design – are ideal choices for use with gas and oil boilers with up to 36 kW heat output.

Extremely quiet operation

The new hybrid heat pumps are among the quietest in their class thanks to Advanced Acoustic Design+. When operated with the intelligent speed control unit, the fan emits very little noise in full and partial load operation. For example, the external unit of the Vitocal 250-SH generates a noise pressure level of merely 32 dB(A) at a distance of four meters in free-standing installation in noise-reduced mode. It can thus be used in densely built-up residential areas without any difficulties.

Low heating costs with Hybrid Pro Control

Both hybrid heat pumps are based on Viessmann One Base, the comprehensive new ecosystem that seamlessly connects the products and systems in the Integrated Viessmann Solution Offering with digital services such as the ViCare app for controlling systems and the ViGuide service tool for monitoring equipment. Viessmann One Base also makes it easy to quickly expand the system to include components such as a Vitovolt PV system and a Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system. The system can then be operated almost completely off the public grid.

In addition, the Vitocal 250-AH and Vitocal 250-SH come with Hybrid Pro Control, an intelligent energy manager for hybrid systems. Hybrid Pro Control automatically optimizes the operation of the hybrid heat pump and the second heat generator depending on the outside temperature or flow temperature and on individual settings made by the homeowner. The homeowner decides whether the heating system should be operated to maximize the environmental or economic impact. The control system activates the appropriate heat generator depending on which fuel source is currently most economical and thus achieves the lowest possible emissions or heating costs at all times.

Much quicker to install than conventional systems

The Vitocal 250-AH and the Vitocal 250-SH feature the patented Hydro AutoControl hydraulic system. A 16-liter heating water buffer cylinder for supplying defrosting energy is already integrated and connected, as is a three-way mixing valve for connecting the second heat generator. A flow rate sensor and a bypass valve are also integrated and automatically maintain optimum circulation volumes. That eliminates the need for the kind of installation and adjustment work that conventional hybrid solutions require. New devices can be installed far more quickly and easily.

Service link enables faster responses to malfunctions

Does the system not have access to Wi-Fi? The Vitocal 250-AH and Vitocal 250-SH hybrid heat pumps are always connected to the Viessmann service team through cellular technology at no cost to you. Potential malfunctions are reported to your specialist partners in real time and can often be fixed remotely. That eliminates needless on-premise service calls and thus saves time and money.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Simple installation with patented Hydro AutoControl hydraulic system
  •   Significantly faster installation of the internal unit
  • Around 50% fewer components to install than conventional units
  • No need to maintain minimum flow rate, circulation volume or water temperature during commissioning
  • Service link without Wi-Fi for faster responses to malfunctions
  • Easy integration with the existing heating system including the pre-existing heat generator
  • Only one control and service app for all heat generators

Benefits for users

  • Perfect for modernization projects thanks to high flow temperatures and in combination with a second heat generator
  • Protects the climate and environment with environmentally friendly R290 and R32 refrigerants
  • CO2-free heat generation (when using green electricity)
  • Reliable operation and superior efficiency (OptiPerform)
  • Faster responses to malfunctions guaranteed (service link)
  • High efficiency for lower operating costs
  • Integrated energy management for transparent tracking of energy consumption and costs
  • Active cooling in the summertime

Technical specifications

Vitocal 250-AH:

  • Output: 2.6 to 13.4 kW (for A7/W35)
  • COP (coefficient of performance): > 5.3 (for A7/W35 under EN 14511)
  • Maximum flow temperature up to 70°C
  • Integrated hybrid hydraulic system and interfaces to control the external heat generator

Vitocal 250-SH:

  • Output: 1.3 to 11.0 kW (for A7/W35)
  • COP (coefficient of performance): up to 5.2 (for A7/W35 under EN 14511)
  • Maximum flow temperature up to 70°C (in conjunction with the second heat generator)
  • Noise emissions: 32 dB(A) (noise pressure level of the external unit at a distance of 4 m in free-standing installation in noise-reduced mode)


The new Vitocal 250-AH hybrid heat pump is available starting at the end of April; the Vitocal 250-SH will launch in July 2022.  

For  more information  on the heat pump hybrids, visit and click on  Vitocal 250-AH  and  Vitocal 250-SH  (pages in german).


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Property owners who wish to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and their dependence on rising fuel prices but still want to keep their gas or oil heating systems now have a sustainable solution: Viessmann’s new heat pump hybrid devices (shown: Vitocal 250-AH).

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The external unit of the Vitocal 250-SH hybrid heat pump can be safely placed near property lines thanks to its noise pressure level of only 32 dB(A) at a distance of four meters in noise-reduced mode.