Solution Offering

Digital Services: Innovative tools for users and partners

Digital services supplement the offered range of products and platforms and serve to assist users with control and specialist partners with commissioning and servicing systems. For this reason, they are an indispensable element of the Viessmann Integrated Solution Offering.

Allendorf (Eder), May 28, 2021

The new products at a glance

  • The ViCare app now uses the smartphone location function if desired and detects the distance to the heating system (geofencing). The heat output is automatically turned down if nobody is at home. It is then increased again as soon as a resident approaches the house.
  • The new Vitoguide was developed in close cooperation with trade partners and now combines all important functions for commissioning, remote maintenance and servicing as an all-in-one tool.
  • The new Viessmann partner portal is the gateway to the Viessmann digital world for specialist partners.
  • The innovative web solution Vitoscada makes it possible for homeowners and specialist partners to comprehensively and transparently visualize several multivalent energy systems down to the level of individual system components.

ViCare app: Single room control for individual heating convenience

The  ViCare  app is the convenient tool for controlling air-conditioning solutions via smartphone. It was developed by Viessmann to communicate with all components in the house and the entire system can be operated efficiently and in an energy-saving manner. It also taps into existing potential for improvement through automatic flow balancing.

The ViCare app automatically detects installed ViCare thermostats for single room control – for radiators and for floor heating. Your preferred temperature can then be set for each room using the ViCare app. The modular concept allows further components (e.g. climate sensors) to be added retroactively and amended using the app.

Your preferred temperature at short notice

It goes without saying that numerous Viessmann products will be integrated into the ViCare app. These include the latest Vitodens wall-mounted gas boiler generation, the ViCare thermostat for radiators and floor heating, the ViCare ZigBee Repeater as well as the ViCare climate sensor. All systems can be operated using the voice control via Google or Alexa – your preferred temperature at short notice is now a reality.

Increased convenience and energy saving with geofencing

The ViCare app also uses location services on request and can then detect the distance to the heating system. If a defined distance is exceeded on the way to work or on a trip, the server sends a command to the heating controller to reduce the heat output. This reduces costs.

When returning home, the heating system is started up again following the same principle. Upon arrival, the house then returns to a pleasant heated state – without anyone even having to think about adjusting the heating system. All house residents have to be integrated into the service to ensure safe operation. Only then does the control system understand that people are still in the house.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Simple permanent automatic flow balancing
  • Monitoring of the heating system

Benefits for users

  • Voice control of the networked components via Google or Alexa
  • Heating cost saving with location function (geofencing)
  • Compatible with almost all iOS and Android devices

Vitoguide: New all-in-one tool for commissioning, remote maintenance and servicing

New functions are being introduced with  Vitoguide  as an all-in-one tool, which have also been implemented at the suggestion of specialist partners. The familiar tools for simplifying everyday working life – the ViStart app for commissioning Viessmann systems, the service assistant for servicing, maintenance and the replacement of spare parts as well as Vitoguide for system monitoring – are now combined in an app and will be available in future for iOS and Android devices and continue to be available as a web application on the PC under the product name Vitoguide.

The functions include, for example:

  • Guided commissioning of devices with a new electronic platform
  • Forecast monitoring with visualization and permanent inspection of system behavior (error list, history)
  • Differences in system behavior are easier to detect
  • Simple configuration and optimization of additional parameters (e.g. of the system pressure) remotely or directly on-site
  • Early fault detection and system-supported online inspection (reduces the maintenance to every second year)
  • Guided electronic replacement of spare parts
  • System access on-site – even without an internet connection

Three-tier offering: BASIC, PLUS and PRO

Also new: Known and new functions in Vitoguide will be offered in three tiers from the second quarter of 2021:

  • Vitoguide BASIC  allows simple servicing and maintenance options to be executed. The reading of errors or the guided replacement of spare parts, for instance, allows the partners to carry out fundamental work on the systems quickly and easily.
  • Vitoguide PLUS  offers enhanced servicing and maintenance options such as increased access to parameters. These options help you to get to the bottom of complex causes of errors to find a solution.
  • Vitoguide PRO  is the complete package with all servicing and maintenance options on the device remotely and on-site. It includes functions such as the system-supported online inspection and reduces on-site maintenance assignments from once a year to every two years.
  • Vitoguide BASIC  is available to trade partners free of charge. Vitoguide PLUS and PRO are services available for a fee.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Specialist partners will be able to eliminate faults remotely even more efficiently in future
  • The homeowner must be at home to eliminate faults in most cases
  • This saves on travel costs
  • Specialist partners with a maintenance agreement only have to carry out a system check on-site every second year

Availability on the market

The new Vitoguide will be launched in the second quarter of 2021.

Partner portal: Information and services for specialist partners

The new Viessmann partner portal is the gateway to the Viessmann digital world for specialist partners. The intuitive Viessmann design makes it simple to find information and services and offers customers expert advice on how to keep an eye on the current status of orders, and how to detect system faults in good time. This all happens from mobile devices.

You simply log in to the partner portal and partner shop through your central Viessmann account already used for V+, the Viessmann learning space and the Vitoguide platform (registration and login at:

A new self-service application has been created to simplify account management that provides a central overview of employees and authorizations. This is where all specialist partners can manage their own data and that of their employees centrally and assign authorizations as requested with just a few clicks.

Access to all procedures in the partner shop

Another application is being launched along with the new partner portal and partner shop to help you switch to the Viessmann digital world: Viessmann Support. The support page provides helpful FAQs and makes it easy to get in touch.

The Viessmann partner shop is impressive with its new design and new functions for making the ordering process quick and efficient. Specialist partners can now place orders quickly or view offers and invoices from any device. Projects can be worked on simultaneously and the “create several shopping carts” function allows orders to be created for different consignments (registration and login at:

Viessmann Support: The direct interface to Viessmann

Another application is available with the new Viessmann partner shop: Viessmann Support. This is where our specialist partners receive answers to frequently asked questions and are able to directly contact the responsible sales office using the contact form (access at:

Benefits for trade partners

  • Central Viessmann account for all applications
  • Digital support in advising customers
  • Simple creation of different consignments
  • Ordering from any device
  • Overview of current orders
  • Employee and customer administration
  • Direct contract to the sales office

Vitoscada: Innovative cloud-based online monitoring for multivalent energy systems

The intelligent management of energy flows between generators and consumers is the key to efficiently using various fuel sources. The innovative web solution Vitoscada (Viessmann Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) makes it possible for homeowners and specialist partners to transparently and comprehensively visualize several multivalent energy systems down to the level of individual system components.

Live information on system status

Through a dashboard, the digital service Vitoscada provides the user with a live supply of all important information on the system status. In this context, the values for both the generator and consumer sides are depicted. This makes it possible to evaluate the behavior of the system at a glance and to change parameters as needed. Error messages from the system controllers can be sent to correspondingly configured notification groups by email or SMS. These messages are simultaneously displayed automatically on the interface and documented. Depending on the degree of severity (fault, warning, service, information, status), the message may be forwarded to certain target groups and escalated. This creates the advantage of significantly shorter reaction times for resolving any potential disruptions.

Ongoing archiving and automatic reports

Thanks to the ongoing archiving of measurements, the user can analyze the behavior of the system at any time and optimize the operation by adjusting individual parameters. In addition to standard diagrams in the form of line diagrams or heat maps for system values or generator signals, you can also configure your own signal arrangements using filters. This is especially helpful with the individual system analysis or troubleshooting. Reports are automatically generated from the archived data and sent to the user via email. Various report templates are available to choose from which the user can subscribe to individually. In addition to sending these reports by email, they can also be archived and then accessed at a later date.

Substantially increased energy system availability

The use of Vitoscada requires  Vitocontrol 100-M or Vitocontrol 200-M system controllers. With its flexibly designed license model, the digital service can cover all areas of application of the Vitocontrol multivalent controller. A gateway collects the data from the local plant control system and continually sends it to the Viessmann cloud in encrypted form. This makes it possible for customers to monitor systems remotely and substantially increase the availability of the energy system.

Modular, sustainable and flexible

Vitoscada is constantly being developed by integrating new system diagrams, generator variants and interfaces. In addition to the data volume defined by the system arrangement, individual parameters (e.g. KPIs) can also be set up in the display system.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Map view and markers with customer systems
  • Overview of hydraulic diagram
  • Operator-dependent detailed view
  • Notification list with forwarding of messages via SMS, email
  • Acknowledgment of notifications with escalation hierarchy
  • Digital operating log
  • Long-term archiving
  • User-defined trend display
  • Diagram types such as curve and heatmap diagrams
  • Access and rights management via roles
  • Test date selection
  • Reporting supports ISO 50001 certification


Vitoscada is already available on the market.

Further information

Further detailed information on the new Viessmann digital services can be found on the virtual platform


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Image 1

Your preferred temperature can now be set for each room using the ViCare app. The app automatically detects the installed ViCare thermostats for single room control.

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Image 2

The functions of the ViStart app for device commissioning, the service assistant for servicing, maintenance and the replacement of spare parts as well as the known Vitoguide functions for system monitoring are now integrated in the new Vitoguide in an app and will be available for iOS and Android devices in future.

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Image 3

The new Viessmann partner portal is the gateway to the Viessmann digital world for specialist partners.

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The innovative web solution Vitoscada from Viessmann makes it possible for homeowners and specialist partners to comprehensively and transparently visualize multivalent energy systems.

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Image 5

Vitoscada visualizes multivalent systems. This makes it possible to evaluate the behavior at a glance and to change set values as needed.