Contact Persons

Our contact persons for you

Below you will find an overview of your contacts at Viessmann for press releases, news updates or information on Viessmann's commitment to sustainability. We also answer your press enquiries.

The picture shows Byung-Hun Park.

Byung-Hun Park

Vice President Corporate Communications

+49 6452 70-1336

The picture shows Jörg Schmidt.

Jörg Schmidt

Deputy Head of Corporate Communications

+49 6452 70-1569

The picture shows Isabell Hesse.

Isabell Hesse

Lead Internal Communications

+49 6452 70-2034

The picture shows Michel Wagner.

Michael Wagner

Lead External Communications

+49 6452 70-2830

Diana Manov

Diana Manov

Lead Executive Communications

+49 6452 70-2533

The picture shows Alexander Tinter

Alexander Tinter

Lead Visual Communications

+49 6452 70-2493

The picture shows Wolfgang Rogatty.

Wolfgang Rogatty

Lead Trade Media

+49 6452 70-3332

Dan von Appen

Dan von Appen

Lead International Communications

The image shows Jasmin Peter.

Jasmin Peter

Manager Live Communications

+49 6452 70-2937

Alisa Krauß

Alisa Krauß

Lead Events

The image shows Theresa Boucsein.

Theresa Boucsein

Manager Internal Communications

+49 6452 70-2051

The image shows Finja Celine Hofmann.

Finja Celine Hofmann

Manager Internal Communications

+49 6452 70-2051