Viessmann provides Frankenberger Tafel with air purifiers

70 volunteers provide food for more than 750 clients   |   Important societal contribution for adults and children in the region   |   Better protection against corona with donated air purifiers.

The picture shows the employees of the Frankenberger Tafel at work.
In the sorting room of Frankenberger Tafel, an air cleaning unit from Viessmann now provides protection against corona viruses.

Allendorf (Eder) – In the current situation, with the very high numbers of corona infections, it is particularly important to safeguard work in public institutions and teaching in schools. To make a decisive contribution towards solving this problem, Viessmann has developed a unique air purifier, the Vitovent 200-P. After the Hans Viessmann school, the Frankenberger Tafel has now also been equipped with such a unit. One week after it was commissioned, Dean Petra Hegmann, as chairwoman of the Tafel, and her volunteers shared their impressions.

Important that volunteers are protected from Corona

Dean Hegmann said, “Week after week, all Frankenberger Tafel volunteers make an exceptionally important contribution to the region, which benefits both many adults and children”. That is why it is all the more important that the volunteers themselves are now better protected from corona, the chairwoman added.

“The air purifier is very well placed in the room, takes up very little space and runs very quietly. You can’t hear it at all. At first, I thought you had to switch it on because you couldn’t hear a thing, but my colleague Friedhelm Vaupel told me that it runs completely automatically”, said Bernd Koch, volunteer at the Tafel, after the air purifier was installed.

“The unit looks great and the air is really fresh. We all feel reassured that we can work even more safely, even when hygiene regulations are followed”, says Ortrud Gelbke, another volunteer at the Tafel.

Frankenberger Tafel is an association with more than 750 clients and around 70 volunteers, which collects food from Frankenberg shops and passes it on to those in need.

At the end of November, the association’s sorting room was fitted with a Vitovent 200-P. With ten employees working there, good air quality is particularly important. On the first day after installation, they packed 50 packages for 87 adults as well as children. These parcels, filled with fruit, vegetables and tinned food, are collected by the clients at an agreed time - in compliance with hygiene regulations - in the Tafel’s distribution room.

The new air purifier is a unique hybrid ventilation unit that provides rooms with a permanent supply of fresh air and simultaneously purifies the air. Permanent air circulation reduces aerosols and supplies closed rooms with fresh outside air again and again, so that volunteers are best protected against virus infection.

Vitovent 200-P uses the so-called displacement ventilation principle: A direct and continuous air circulation is guaranteed with a fresh air supply at floor level which then rises due to heat exchange with the occupants’ bodies. Consequently, used air rises to the top and travels into the units and is cleaned there, before being returned into the room as fresh air at floor level. The permanent supply of fresh air with heat and moisture recovery ensures good air quality.

The units can be retrofitted easily and at a low cost by replacing a window pane with an isopanel. As a result, they allow heavily occupied rooms and public facilities to remain open despite the generally high risk of infection.

The Viessmann Group, in cooperation with the Foundation, announced that it will donate the first 50 Vitovent 200-P air purifiers to schools and social institutions worth a six-figure sum and it will cover the full cost of installation. In doing so, the company is making great strides towards fulfilling its purpose “We create living spaces for generations to come”. More information about the how the purifier operates and how to apply for one of the donate units can be found at:

Detailed technical details and a request for consultation can be found here:

Already at the beginning of the pandemic outbreak, Viessmann successfully demonstrated that the company was making a measurable contribution to fulfilling its social responsibility through quick development and provision of respiratory ventilators, mouth and nose masks and disinfectant - all of which are summarised as “ViAid”.


Byung-Hun Park

Vice President Corporate Communications


Jörg Schmidt

Deputy Head of Corporate Communications