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Refrigeration Solutions

Sustainable refrigeration solutions built to last

We develop solutions for our customers

Viessmann is a leading European supplier of commercial refrigeration solutions. We develop these solutions in close collaboration with our customers. Just like the heating technology solutions from Viessmann, our refrigeration solutions are just as sustainable and efficient.

A wide portfolio for industry, retail, and food and beverage establishments

Since 1917, we have developed into one of the providers of energy and climate solutions most trusted by customers in Europe. With our tailor-made solutions, we can meet the individual needs of our customers in the best possible way. Our many years of experience in the field of heating also benefit our Refrigeration Solutions business area.

In recent years, we have continuously expanded our Refrigeration Solutions business area for commercial customers. The acquisition of industry leaders in refrigeration technology has enabled us to offer our integrated products and services to a wider range of customers – from retailers to medical care facilities.

Today, we offer our European customers in the food and beverage industry, retail, catering, and healthcare a comprehensive portfolio of refrigeration and clean room system solutions. Refrigerated cabinets for safe storage in supermarkets are just as much a part of our range as cold and freezer rooms for large-scale kitchens, bars, and restaurants. The medical and life sciences industry, where climate-controlled conditions are of utmost importance, also relies on refrigeration solutions from Viessmann.

Quality and safety – even for the highest demands

One of our main customer segments is medical centers and laboratories, for which we develop clean room solutions. We equip these rooms with a range of products – from air circulation systems supported by active filter cartridges to active airlocks and precision weighing workstations. The quality of this equipment is crucial to ensure the safety of the people who use it.

We help our customers to succeed

We produce all refrigeration solutions in our own production facilities in Germany and Finland. This enables us to guarantee the reliability and durability for which Viessmann is known worldwide. With our network in various countries we can provide our customers with comprehensive support – either by our own team or one of our installation and maintenance partners.

This network is the decisive factor for the rapid growth of Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions and our customers’ high level of satisfaction. They want a reliable partner and appreciate our local presence very much. Our sales teams are present in over 18 countries. Altogether, more than 1500 refrigeration professionals in Viessmann deliver solutions to help our customers to succeed.

This means that we can respond to each customer to understand their individual requirements. Our customer-focused process ensures that we meet the needs of each client: some already have a clear idea of the refrigeration solution they want, others do not. We strive towards teamwork and bring together sales staff, technical experts, and industry leaders. Our team not only has in-depth expertise in the field of refrigeration technology, but also a comprehensive support network.

Together we grow our business further

We are demanding and offer high-quality solutions. Of course, our growth plans are also ambitious. The aim of CSO Udo Walter Laeis, CTO Joachim Schlichtig, CEO Frank Winters, and CFO Michael Luz is to further build on our market presence and widen our range of services. The whole team sees new growth opportunities both in new customer segments as well as in new international markets.

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