The IoT industrial standard is coming

Joint Venture between BEGA, Eltako, Oventrop and Viessmann 

The image shows the group photo after the signing of the contract.
Present at the founding of the DBT joint venture: Michael Jüdiges and Christian Faust (both Managing Directors of Connectivity Solutions), Johannes Rump (Managing Director Oventrop), Dr. Markus Klausner (CTO Viessmann Climate Solutions SE), Ulrich Ziegler (Managing Director Eltako), Heinrich Johannes Gantenbrink (Managing Director BEGA) and Christian Lübke (BEGA). Photo: © Viessmann

Allendorf (Eder) – Under the name “DBT Digital Building Technology” BEGA, Eltako, Oventrop and Viessmann are going to develop the well known wibutler IoT platform further. The cooperation of the four firms strengthenes the manufacturer openness of the wibutler IoT platform and guarantees long term security of investment. Therefore, wibutler has the best chances to assert itself as the platform for digital building technology.

The goal of the participating companies in the joint venture is to set the European IoT industrial standard in this field. The areas Professional Smart Home and Professional Smart Building will be expanded and the IoT technology segment will be extended. The existing core features manufacturer openness, data sovereignty, data and function autonomy will remain and are going to be developed further consistently. Therefore, the wibutler IoT platform is an attractive offering for the digitalisation of the building technology. The involved parties ensure that no industry external provider dictates a standard and thus secures that the mid tier stays self-determined. 

Through the wibutler IoT platform new products and applications can be steadily and quickly integrated in the already established IoT solution. Manufacturers remain in control over their data, products and functions at all times and moreover, can generate new competitive advantages. Beyond that, manufacturers can focus on their core business instead of having to invest time to develop expensive inhouse solutions. Synergy effects evolve and resources can be purposively applied. The joint venture is the consistent enhancement of the proven wibutler idea and open for companies to join and strengthen the affiliation. Also, the known network of the wibutler alliance not only remains but enjoys the growing number of partners. Business professionals and consumers profit by the interoperability of wibutler as an industrial standard. The platform enables interconnecting technical building equipment systems through common communication technologies. Existing use-cases and added values will be expanded and a broad compatibility rises, connecting all maintenance groups. More than 35 members of the wibutler alliance profit from the mentioned benefits already.

Henceforth, installation technicians do not have to be trained on multiple technologies. With the wibutler IoT platform, project developers, planners and consumers have access to sustainable applications that can be integrated without changing the building infrastructure. 

To provide a clear focus on expanding the platform, the service business of the Connectivity Solutions GmbH was separated from the wibutler technology rights and the connected platform business. The Viessmann Climate Solutions SE held all rights on the wibutler technology until now. With the founding of the joint ventures the BEGA Gantenbrink-Leuchten KG, the Eltako GmbH and the Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG undertook 75 percent of the wibutler technology rights by equal shares. All four stockholders oblige to longterm technology investments in the newly founded DBT Digital Building Technology GmbH & Co. KG. The Connectivity Solutions GmbH remains as a service provider and developing vendor to integrate partner products in the wibutler platform. 

About the DBT Digital Building Technology

The DBT Digital Building Technology GmbH & Co. KG is a joint venture of the BEGA Gantenbrink-Leuchten KG, Eltako GmbH, Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG and Viessmann Climate Solutions SE. Through the wibutler IoT platform the four companies establish a unified and independent standard for the European building industry. The extensive IoT technology and platform as a service offering fosters the data sovereignty and the function autonomie of the mid tier in the time of platformization.