Minister President Boris Rhein considers heat pumps essential for climate-friendly heating

Hesse's Minister President Boris Rhein informs himself about climate-neutral technologies and renewable energies – especially heat pumps – at the family-owned company Viessmann in Allendorf (Eder).

The image shows Boris Rhein (2nd from left) at the air-conditioning solutions provider Viessmann's production facility in Allendorf.
Visit of Hessian Minister President Boris Rhein (2nd from left) to climate solutions provider Viessmann in Allendorf: Production line manager in heat pump manufacturing Anna Wellnowski, Minister President Boris Rhein, CTO Viessmann Climate Solutions Dr. Markus Klausner, Chairman of the Board of Directors Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann, CEO Viessmann Climate Solutions Thomas Heim (from left).

Wiesbaden/Allendorf (Eder) – Hesse's Minister President Boris Rhein recognizes heat pumps as an important building block for climate-friendly heating and fundamental for the success of the energy transition. "The global political developments in recent months show the importance of using energy in a way that conserves resources. We must gradually become less dependent on coal, oil and gas and rely more on climate-neutral technologies and renewable energies. In the future, heat pump technology will be one of the most important drivers for climate-friendly heating and will make an important contribution to the success of the energy transition," said the Minister President on Friday during a visit to the internationally operating family-owned company Viessmann in Allendorf (Eder).

"To enable us to make full use of this innovative technology, local companies must be supported in production and research," the Minister continued. Founded in 1917, the North Hessian company employs more than 13000 people worldwide and, as a manufacturer of heating, cooling and air-conditioning technology systems, is one of the most important mechanical engineering companies in Hesse. Viessmann is also the market leader for heat pumps in Germany. Heat pumps use environmental heat by extracting energy from the air or the ground and then using this energy to heat buildings.

"The German heating industry is a European leader in heating technology and the development of climate-friendly systems. The example of the family-owned company Viessmann impressively demonstrates how the reduction of CO2 emissions in the building sector can be successfully achieved with the most modern air conditioning technologies 'made in Hesse'. Cost-efficient and climate-friendly heating are important building blocks for achieving the energy transition. We must do everything to ensure that it succeeds," said Rhein.

Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann said during the Minister President's visit: "The energy transition, Europe's energy independence, but also the sustainable economy in Germany present us as a society with challenges of the century. But if politics and business join forces in close cooperation, we can turn these challenges into opportunities of the century. As a family business with a 106-year history as a technology pioneer, Viessmann stands by its responsibility ⎯ as an employer in northern Hesse and as an 'enabler' of the energy transition.

The Minister President also called on the Federal Government to create investment-friendly conditions for the German heating industry. "Praising the outstanding achievements of the German heating industry is not enough. We can only achieve climate neutrality in the building sector together with the German heating industry. Instead of exerting further regulatory pressure on the industry, the federal government should provide more support for the expansion of industrial production capacities for heat pumps. The federal government must also support the heating industry with realistic targets so that it has the opportunity to increase the production of heat pumps at a high quality level in a feasible time," said Rhein. 

With the "European Platform for Transformation Technologies" initiated by the German government, but above all with the innovative power of Hessian greentech companies such as Viessmann, Germany can remain an international pioneer in climate technologies and secure prosperity. "One thing is clear: the heating industry plays an important role in shaping future energy production. The federal government is wisely advised to closely coordinate measures with it and to jointly shape cooperation in the course of the platform in a future-oriented manner." 

"In Hesse, in the heart of Germany, we have everything we need to master the current challenges: successful companies, especially in the medium-sized sector, with innovative technologies and highly qualified, motivated employees. As a family for positive change, we at Viessmann are making our contribution to an energy-independent Europe ⎯ true to our purpose ‘We create living spaces for generations to come'," said the CEO of Viessmann Climate Solutions, Thomas Heim.

Among other things, Rhein also spoke with Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann about recruiting skilled workers in the trade, which also plays a key role in the energy transition. Since the planning and installation of heat pumps is more complex than that of conventional oil and gas heating systems, the specialist tradesmen must be trained by the manufacturers themselves. The Minister President assured support and pointed out that Hessen was already making an important contribution to securing skilled labor with the "education coaches" programme and the "advancement bonus" as well as the strengthening of dual training.