The image shows the commercial airfield Allendorf (Eder) in sunshine.
Flugplatz Allendorf

Commercial airfield Allendorf / Eder

The Allendorf/Eder commercial airfield was built in 1966. A fundamental modernization and expansion took place in 2005. Today, the airfield meets all the requirements of a modern business airport. Furthermore, the Allendorf commercial airfield serves as a home base for the Ederbergland air sports club.

Information for Pilots

Key data and information for pilots

Pilots will find all relevant key data about the Allendorf/Eder airfield via the link below. In addition to our contact details and current weather data, you will also find a weather webcam, as well as information on opening hours and runway dimensions.

Information for Pilots
The image shows the hangar and runway in Allendorf.


The runway is 1240 meters long and 30 meters wide. The airfield altitude is 355 meters or 1,164 feet (ft). In addition, the runway is aligned at 112°/292°. Pilots can use our online form to send a ppr-request.

The image shows a cloudy sky

Instrument Flight Rating (IFR)

The Allendorf commercial airport has a GPS-supported approach system. Landings in poor visibility conditions are possible using instrument approach procedures. A modern approach lighting system (PAPI) supports instrument and visual approaches.

The image shows the buildings of the commercial airfield.

Weather System Vaisala AviMet

In addition, the airfield provides an automatic system for measuring and recording weather data. These are updated around the clock and can be accessed by radio (ATIS), telephone and internet.

The image shows a sign indicating maintenance and service.
Shipyard operations ACG Air-Craft GmbH

Maintenance and repair of aircrafts

ACG Air-Craft GmbH is located on the premises of the airfield. The maintenance and repair facility for EASA and US registered aircraft up to 5.7 tons offers services such as CAMO, pre-purchase inspections worldwide as well as aircraft purchase advice and brokerage.

Shipyard website
Air Sports Club

Air Sports Club Ederbergland e. V

The Allendorf commercial airport serves the Ederbergland air sports club with more than 300 members as home airbase with the best flight conditions in an attractive environment.

The image shows the airfield Allendorf from above

Modern aircraft fleet

From the self-launching glider ASK 21 to the high performance glider LS 8 up to single engine microlight aircraft, motor gliders and powered aircraft, the club fleet covers the entire spectrum of modern sports flying.

The image shows a sky with birds

Training and youth work as a focus

Flight instructors continuously train the club's youngsters in powered flight, powered gliding, gliding and microlight flight. To date, over 900 private pilots have been trained by the Ederbergland Aviation Sports Club.

The image shows grandfather and grandson from frog perspective

Diverse community activities

Besides the flying activities, the community life is characterized by its many social events. The centre of the activities is the bistro "Tri-Sixty", which invites pilots and guests to coffee, cake and snacks.

The image shows an aerial view of the landing site and the plant in Allendorf.
Live weather webcam

Live data from weather station

Our weather station live webcam provides you with an impression of the weather at the airfield Allendorf/Eder in real time.

Weather data with Webcam