Viessmann Real Estate

Real estate for living and working

Our quality and design standards are high

The Group’s real estate portfolio now includes 120 sales branches worldwide and 23 production companies in twelve countries. The portfolio is rounded off by additional commercial properties. We make a measurable contribution towards improving the global carbon footprint by developing, building, and operating our properties. The high demands we place on our products in terms of quality and design also apply to our buildings and properties. 

Facility management

Facility management

Viessmann Real Estate manages production facilities, office spaces, and other properties of the Viessmann Group. This includes the maintenance, modernization, and supply of the buildings and properties with energy to maintain their value and ensure their appearance.

Portfolio management

Portfolio management

Viessmann Real Estate tends to the portfolio over the entire life cycle: from development through to planning, implementation, marketing, use and refurbishment to sale.

Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development

The Real Estate Development division is new. Here, Viessmann makes use of the expertise it has acquired over many years in the development, construction, and management of real estate for third parties on the market. Viessmann plans on using its unused sites by investing in and developing both residential and commercial buildings.

360 degree tour of the employee restaurant Vi

In August 2020, the staff restaurant Vi opened in Allendorf (Eder). Here, you can virtually move through the restaurant. Click play and start your tour.  

We welcome our guests warmly

Eat, sleep, meet, celebrate, and relax – Viessmann hotels and restaurants provide a unique atmosphere to come and explore our home in northern Hesse, both professionally and privately. Our services are targeted towards company employees, business partners and their employees as well as residents of and visitors to northern Hesse. Allendorf (Eder) Airport ensures that the region is well connected.
The image shows the commercial airfield Allendorf (Eder) in sunshine.

A modern business airport

Viessmann is an internationally established company. The Allendorf (Eder) Airport meets all the requirements of a modern business airport and allows us to make up for the region’s inadequate connection to the long-distance network.
To Airport Allendorf (Eder)
The picture shows one of the rooms in Hotel Die Sonne in Frankenberg

Regional hotels

Near to the company headquarters in Allendorf (Eder), Viessmann operates the hotel Die Sonne Frankenberg and several restaurants with function rooms. Here, we entertain employees and business partners, but above all external guests.
To the Hotels

Our management has many years of experience

Viessmann Real Estate is one of the Group’s two diversification areas. The two Managing Directors Klaus Kümmel and Jörg Lenz are responsible for the business area. Klaus Kümmel is a university-qualified engineer (Diplom-Ingenieur) and has been head of our Construction department for many years. Jörg Lenz has been part of the Viessmann family since 1979. He was and is active in a number of Group companies as authorized signatory and Managing Director.

The image shows Klaus Kümmel and Jörg Lenz.