Viessmann Group launches Sustainability Report

Viessmann Group publishes its Sustainability Report which shares ambitions and first successes towards becoming a net zero, circular business with a zero harm supply chain in 2050.

Allendorf (Eder), October 18, 2023 –  The Viessmann Group today launched its sustainability report, formalizing a longstanding commitment to drive positive environmental and social change, living up to the company’s purpose of co-creating  living spaces for generations to come. It builds on the company’s 2021 "LEAP to Net Zero" climate strategy.  

The report covers all Viessmann Group’s business areas as of October 2023, including Climate Solutions, Refrigeration Solutions, Clean & Cool Solutions, and Viessmann Investment. The company announced in April 2023 that the Climate Solutions business would combine with Carrier Global Corporation, co-creating a new global champion in intelligent climate and energy solutions. The closing of the partnership is expected by the end of the year.

The full report is available here: Viessmann Sustainability Report 2023

Viessmann Group CEO Max Viessmann: “We have charted our path to drive positive change — living up to our purpose of co-creating  living spaces for generations to come. By being transparent and vocal about our actions, we hope to inspire our stakeholders and industry peers to join forces so that together we can reach a sustainable future.”

A holistic, science-based approach to sustainability

The report shares Viessmann Group’s sustainability strategy, targets, progress and next steps. The sustainability strategy, which is an integral part of the overall company strategy, lays the foundation for the Viessmann Group’s transformation towards becoming a fully sustainable company. It not only focuses on reaching net zero, circularity and a zero harm supply chain, but also on people, data and governance. To develop its sustainability strategy, the company assessed its sustainability performance using the science-based  Future Fit Business Benchmark  and determined its most material issues.

Net zero progress

Viessmann Group’s vision is to achieve a net zero business and value chain, supported by concrete 2050 and 2030 targets.

Viessmann Group’s total scope 1-3 emissions reduced by more than 10% from 2021 to 2022 — from 108 to 97 megatons CO2e. In the same time frame, turnover increased by more than 17% — from EUR 3.4 to 4 billion.

Viessmann Group is on track to achieve its scope 3 emissions intensity reduction target of -55% by 2030. The current scope 3 reductions are driven by increased production of heat pumps and products that can run on renewable energy. Scope 1 and 2 emissions have increased by 5.5% compared to 2019. When taking into account company growth, however, Viessmann Group has become more efficient.  

Circularity progress

Viessmann Group’s vision is to become a circular business, supported by concrete 2050 and 2030 targets.

The family business has developed a sustainable product design guideline, which includes circularity. The guideline will be applied for the design of all new products beginning with the company’s next generation of heat pumps.

Viessmann Group will continue to move towards circular business models that enable the company to reclaim valuable materials at the end of a product’s life. These models include service-based offerings alongside product take-back models.

Zero harm supply chain targets and progress

Viessmann Group’s vision is that its supply chain creates zero harm to people and the planet, supported by concrete 2050 and 2030 targets.  

The company has made its  Supplier Code of Conduct  an obligatory part of supplier terms and conditions, strengthened processes to assess sustainability risks and evaluate supplier performance, and conducted training sessions on new processes and requirements for suppliers and employees.

The Viessmann Sustainability Report 2023 is available in English here.


About Viessmann

The Viessmann family business was founded in 1917 as a workshop for heating technology and is today a global, broadly diversified group with more than 14500 family members and total sales of around EUR 4 billion. The Climate Solutions and Refrigeration Solutions divisions include sustainable heating, cooling, water-quality and air-quality solutions. The family business consolidates strategic investments and cooperations with medium-sized companies under Viessmann Investment. The VC/O diversification sector manages all venture capital investments in early-stage technology companies, including Maschinenraum, as a growing ecosystem for family businesses. The development and operation of sustainable real estate converge in the Real Estate diversification sector. The Viessmann Foundation coordinates all social commitments and stands for the social responsibility of the family business. All activities are based on the corporate mission statement, “We design living spaces for future generations” – this is the responsibility that the large Viessmann family faces every day.


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