"Start at home" with Laura Dahlmeier: the biathlon legend finds out about pioneering heating technology

Second video with the two-time Olympic champion is online | Seven-time world champion starts planning for her sustainable house project

The image shows Laura Dahlmeier.
With two Olympic victories, seven World Championship titles as well as 33 World Cup races won, Laura Dahlmeier has achieved everything in her short but enormously glittering career.

Allendorf (Eder) – In the second episode of the "Start at Home" series with Laura Dahlmeier, the former top biathlete is accompanied during the initial planning and construction of her environmentally friendly wooden house. In the chalet village of Priesteregg, Laura learns about innovative heat pump technologies for sustainable heating and cooling.

The mountain village of Priesteregg

The aim in planning the chalet village was to create a CO₂-neutral and environmentally friendly vacation resort. The mountain village of Priesteregg is located on a high plateau at an altitude of 1100 meters. With highly innovative heat generators that use six different heat sources, the entire modernization project is CO₂-neutral. In fact, the renovation measures have made it possible to achieve complete energy self-sufficiency. For example, the photovoltaic system generates more energy than is consumed in the new building. The building services control center was also attractively designed so that it can be used as a best-practice example in the form of an energy trail for guests.

Climate-friendly innovations

The energy center in the mountain village of Priesteregg is probably unique in the whole of Central Europe – no other system combines such a wide range of regenerative energy sources.

Three innovations stand out in particular:

1. Wastewater heat pump

A standard heat pump can make optimal use of warm gray water (e.g. shower wastewater) and still use energy from conventional sources such as deep drilling when needed.

2. Ice storage system

The concept of sustainable future technology ice storage is complex. This video explains how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EstVFdmrLYc (German only).

3. Heat source recooler

To further increase efficiency and to avoid unnecessary stress on the deep boreholes, geothermal heat pumps can switch to a recooler if necessary. If energy can be extracted more efficiently from the outside air than from the ground, it is extracted from there. This means that, especially in the transitional period (spring and autumn), the deep boreholes are not used, which increases efficiency.

The photovoltaic system saves the atmosphere 115 tons of CO2 annually. And with the electricity generated by biogas, an additional 147 tons of CO2 are saved each year.

Many inspirations for her own house building project

For Laura Dahlmeier, the visit to Priesteregg was extremely informative. Not only did she get to observe many new and sustainable energy solutions in the mountain village energy center, but she was also able to take away a lot for her private project: "For me, it was very impressive to see what is technically possible today and I got a lot of inspiration for the planning of my house."

You can find the video here: https://youtu.be/wpcmyH3XpIM

The first part of the series has already been published. It shows Laura talking to her mother and technicians about the upcoming house planning and making the first decisions. In the process, she emphasizes how important it is to her to contribute to the preservation of nature, which she loves so much. The complete video can be found at the following link: https://youtu.be/Lj9b3tnk7F4

Part three of the series will follow shortly. At the Jennerbahn in Berchtesgadener Land, Laura meets an old Viessmann companion, Georg "Schorsch" Hackl. Together with him, she inspects the technology installed on the Jennerbahn and also finds out about the air conditioning solution in Schorsch's own home.

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