Vitocal 200-G Pro: New attractivly priced large heat pump

The new series is not only characterized by its high efficiency. Thanks to its standardised design, it also allows fast planning and simple installation.

The picture shows the Vitocal 200-G Pro.

If you want to plan large heat pump systems for large residential complexes, office buildings or commercial premises within a short timescale while keeping a close eye on your costs, there is no simpler solution than the Vitocal Pro series of mass-produced large water pumps. The new Vitocal 200-G Pro brine/water heat pump now represents a really attractively-priced solution for heat outputs of up to 100 kilowatts. It is equally well suited for new builds and modernization projects. Its standardized design facilitates fast and comprehensive system planning, transparent costing specifications and easy installation.

Compact design, also ideally suited for corner installation

Another advantage of the new heat pump is its compact design. It needs very little space, requiring an installation area just 850 millimeters wide. It also comes with connectors on the left and right sides, allowing the unit to be installed in a wide variety of corners.

Low operating costs and proven components

Bewährte Komponenten wie zum Beispiel die vollhermetischen Scroll-Verdichter gewährleisten den zuverlässigen und wartungsarmen Betrieb der Vitocal 200-G Pro. Für niedrige Betriebskosten sorgt zudem das RCD-System (Refrigerant Cycle Diagnostic). Es kontrolliert permanent den Kältekreis und sichert im Zusammenspiel mit dem elektronischen Expansionsventil sowie umfangreicher Sensorik in jedem Betriebspunkt den höchstmöglichen Wirkungsgrad. Mit einem hohen COP (Coefficient of Performance) über 4,5 (nach EN 14511 bei B0/W35 °C) ist die Wärmepumpe besonders energiesparend. Dabei liefert sie hohe Vorlauftemperaturen bis 60 °C, wodurch auch der Betrieb mit Radiatoren möglich ist, wie sie im Bestand üblich sind.

Simple operation with Vitotronic 200

The new large heat pump’s Vitotronic 200 control unit was taken straight from the Vitocal series for single and two-family homes. The heat generator is, therefore, simple and intuitive to use. The user is supported by clearly structured menus, clear text and graphical displays.

The Vitotronic 200 controls up to three heating circuits, and its natural cooling function can be used, if desired, to ensure pleasant ambient room temperatures on hot summer days. This is achieved by conducting room heat into the ground via the heating water.

Increased security thanks to Internet-based system monitoring

The optional Vitocom 300 communication module enhances security, allowing system monitoring and a comprehensive range of system-optimizing setting adjustments to be undertaken via the Internet or a smartphone at any time and from anywhere, thereby permitting early detection and resolution of possible faults before the rooms even cool down.

Reduced installation outlay ensures quick set-up

The heat pump system comes with pre-integrated electrical equipment. Factory-installed contactors for fail-safe primary and secondary pumps, together with safety-fused compressors, reduce installation outlay, allowing the Vitocal 200-G Pro to be set up quickly.

Advantages for trade partners

  • Compact dimensions, only 800 millimeters wide
  • Suitable for corner installation
  • Simplified maintenance thanks to easy component access
  • Reduced starting current and low network load thanks to electronic soft starter system
  • Ready-to-use connectors for fail-safe primary and secondary pumps

Advantages for homeowners

  • High coefficient of performance (COP over 4.5) ensures low operating costs
  • Easy-to-use Vitotronic 200 control with clear text and graphic display
  • Low noise and vibration emissions thanks to sound-optimized housing construction
  • Reliability ensured by means of factory-adjusted heat test with functional and performance tests

Technical Data

  • Rated output: 80 to 100 kW
  • Flow temperature of up to 60°C
  • COP: > 4.5 (in accordance with EN 14511 at B0/W35°C)
  • Length x width x height: 1753 x 800 x 1457 mm
  • Energy efficiency category: A++